A Mind With Clairvoyance

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Clairvoyance is a topic on most of the people's mind. Many people believe that clairvoyance is a trait which is seen in cinemas mostly but the reality is, thousands of people around the world are blessed with this unique ability. Before understanding how it helps in eliminating negative influence from the life we need to know: What exactly clairvoyance is The word clairvoyance is derived from two French terms meaning "clear vision". This meaning was derived in the 17th century. Clairvoyance is considered as a special gift. It is experienced by only a few numbers of people. The person with clairvoyance has the ability to visualize events and people at another point in time. Clairvoyance can also be linked to second sight because the people having this can visualize or see the vision of any person, place, location, object or maybe any physical event which finally turns out to be true. This kind of vision occurs in mind. Here the person…

Indian National Museum


Science City The Most prominent Post Colonial land mark of Kolkata

In a tropical country like India, the outdoor is sunny and more inviting than the indoors for most part of the year. In the Science Park, of Kolkata Science city people come closer to plants, animals and other objects in their natural surroundings and also learn about the basic principles of science in an open air learning environment. 
The only of its kind in India and the largest in the Indian Subcontinent managed by  National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Science City Kolkata has become one of the most prominent post colonial land mark of Kolkata.

Kolkata Book Fair

Important Events Of The 39th International Kolkata Book Fair 2015 Participant Of The 39th International Kolkata Book Fair 2015 International Participants of the 39th International Kolkata Book Fair. List of person who has inaugurated Kolkata Book Fair in the Past. 

A fair that was started by the  Kolkata Publishers' and Booksellers' Guild in 1976 mainly to compensate the lack of Book Stores and supplement the Book district of college street has turned into the biggest Non Trade Book Fare in the world. Its a non trade book fair because this winter fair held in Kolkata is mainly for the readers and general public and not for the Whole sellers and distributors like the Frankfurt Book Fair. Its the world's Largest Non Trade Book Fair, Asia's largest Book Fair and third largest annual  conglomeration of books after the Frankfurt Bookfair and the London Book Fair. Its also the bookfair with the most footfall averaging 2000000 people attending this fair.  
This Book fair was use…