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How to earn from blogs?

Earn Money Blogging
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earn you hundreds of $ I am a new blogger and have started blogging very recently. October 2007 to be precise. I had a intention of earning from my blog and kept posting my articles on a blog and continued for 90 days then , joined few paid to post sites to let my blog earn. Three of them are listed below and my experience with them.Blogsvertise :- Absolutely HOpeless!! Its already two months sinsce submited my profile pic and its still under review. Not to mention I have never received a offer from that site.Pay per post. I discourage you to join them as their tags, thatyou are required to put in each of the sponsord posts, makes your blog vulnerable to the penalty Google is attaching to the pages carrying paid posts. Moreover their offers requires a minimum of 3 page rank , Its ridiculous. This is the best among all. Their posting offers are quite regular with a minimum price of 6 US$ and no requirement of unnecess…