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An important component of photography, gray card

A gray card is actually a reference card the middle portion of which is grey colored. The gray card forms an important part of the art of photography. Typically, it is utilized to produce a consistent color in the image or in the film by using it together with the reflective light meter and by consistently exposing the image to it. The color of the gray card is neutral grey and the shape of the object is flat. - See more at:

Enhancement in the production of the color through film scanner

The photographic films are directly scanned into the computer by a device named the film scanner without using any sort of intermediate printing. A film scanner provides with several benefits over the use of a flat bed scanner and can print and scan a photographic film of any size. The photographer can directly control the cropping. He also has the control on the aspect of the ration on the unmolested and original image on the film to the printed image by the scanner. - See more at:

Importance of dry box, lowering the level of humidity

A dry box is usually a storage container in which the interior of the container is kept at a lower level of humidity. It is a means of removing the water vapor which is trapped in the air inside the container. - See more at: