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Tejas, India’s first Light combat Aircraft has been introduced in the IAF. Tejas is a supersonic fighter jet and it was handed over to the IAF by the defense minister of our nation. It was only after the Initial Operational clearance that A.K. Antony handed over the aircraft to the IAF team. It has been more than 25 years now that we have been dreaming of something like Tejas and finally it will be taking wings. The introduction of the aircraft is not only an achievement for our country, but, to a large extent, it also symbolizes the strength and potential of Indian Air Force and its self sufficiency potential. India, now with the introduction of Tejas has been associated with a league of other nations who can produce combat aircrafts like Russia, USA, France and Britain. By the middle of 2011, the IAF teams plans to induct two teams in the IOC mode. The IAF had already placed orders for 40 LCA’s back in the year 2005. The initial 40 have been powered by American General Electric GE-…

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bermuda Triangle

When you think of Bermuda, you ought to think of the Bermuda triangle as well. There have been many stories about this place. It has also been considered a perilous spot since it has devoured numerous human lives, wrecked ships and has also destroyed many planes. People say that the ships and the planes simply disappear as soon as they reach this place. It may sound baseless and unscientific but then, this is actually what has been happening in Bermuda triangle for years now. Even today, we find newspapers, magazines and journals coming up with stories of Bermuda triangle with great emphasis being laid on it.
The Bermuda triangle has its base in the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, it is an extended part of the Atlantic ocean which is covered by an imaginary line that links Florida to Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then again to Florida. It is indeed difficult to mark the exact point of the Bermuda triangle. There was a man named Vincent Gaddis, who named the place as Bermuda Triangle. He was al…

10 tips to seduce a man


Breed profile of Doberman Pinscher

Tracing the history of lal Kitab


Tricks of getting more dates at parties

If you are a loner and are looking for more dates then consider going to a party. That is correct parties are the best place to socialize and meet new people. There will be more than one instance that you can get the opportunity of getting to know a lot of people at a party. If you are lucky enough, you will certainly be seeing a solitary individual shying away from the rest. Such people feel out of the place and to hide from the crowd they take a corner seat. You can develop a pick up line like “Hi, saw you sitting here for a while” or be creative and say “did you not notice at the door, I am from welcome team” to strike a conversation. The wallflower will surely break its silence and get talking to you. In case he or she is not interested you can move onto someone more exciting.Some people say that standing by the food area is a good idea which turns you into a sociable creature instantly. Many people pass by this place and you can start talking to a stranger within no time at all. …

Sunderban is a myriad phenomenon

The Sunderban is an extensively stretched area in West Bengal, India. It covers a distance of 1330.10 sq km with prime sanctuaries encapsulated namely Lothian Island, holiday Island and Sajnekhali. With lush green outfields and dense forest to add to its myriad beauty, it is indeed a treat for all the nature lovers. To add to the tally, it is also said to be the largest reservoir of tigers. Situated along the banks of the Ganges and Bhramaputra, Sunderban promises to be the most conducive place for the growth of Mangrove forest. Least to say, it is indeed said to be one of the largest Mangrove forest in India. Sunderban is also widely known for the wide array of fauna species that it provides with. The visitors also get to see a vast variety of tall grasses and thick forest because of its soothing climatic conditions and impeccable moisturizing conditions. It wouldn’t be wrong if one says that the beauty and the serenity of the place is as good as any other forest in the world. Variou…

Exotic Sea Beaches of Bengal | Socyberty

Why never to use cheap cosmetics

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With numerous brands being introduced everyday in the market, people have attained the tendency to buy anything and everything that entices them. Even cosmetic companies have become smart enough. It is indeed becoming feasible for enterprises to fool individuals by selling them cheap cosmetic products in the most sophisticated of packages. When we talk about the word ‘cheap ‘, it is not the price that is coming into limelight, but the quality of material used in making the product. It is only by the use of such products, that people are more often than not coming up with problems like skin cancer and abnormal eruptions on the skin.

To begin with, Phtessence Wakame and Functional Keratin are the two ingredients which will never be encapsulated within a cheap product. The aforesaid ingredients are 100% natural and safe to be used. These ingredients not only enhance the elasticity of the sk…

Astrological Predictions: An In-Depth Analysis.

If you have a serious, perhaps urgent problem to resolve, whether it be concerning money, bad luck, love or any other large or small grievance, to help you, Sara Freder offering you a Free Personal Clairvoyance Horoscope and she will reveal your lucky numbers, all free of charge.
Even with the advent of technologies, horoscopes have not lost their importance. Horoscope is read in many countries around the world and a large number of people still believe in its authenticity. According to the old Vedic system, the placing of the planets during the time of an individual’s birth is commonly known as horoscope. On the other hand, several people also term horoscopes as birth chart because several of them believe that the horoscopes are based on the zodiac signs. Given below is the brief introduction about the various types of horoscopes.
The Vedic way of foretelling future is one of the oldest horoscopes. The history of the Vedic Horoscopes can be traced back from the Rig Veda which is 12,000…

Dental Practitioner Tracks More Than You Could Ever Imagine

A recent survey establishes the fact a tooth practitioner not only cures maladies related to your tooth but also comes in handy in tracking in several other life-taking diseases. Excess in take of carbohydrates via chocolates, chips and cold drinks may not only result in tooth decay but can also lead to a few other diseases. Five of them have been listed below:
1) Corpulency: Corpulency or better known as obesity can be caused by excessive in take of fermented carbohydrates. These carbohydrates come in forms of fast food, chips, soft drinks and chocolates. Cavities in the tooth trenchantly exhibit the fact that the individual is consuming these carbohydrates in excess, which might again lead to obesity says Dr.Hujoel.
2) Diabetes: The excess intake of the carbohydrates leads to a hike in the blood sugar level which ultimately paves for diabetes. It is for this very reason that Dr.Hujoel advices his patients to lessen their intake of such fermented food products.
3) Alzheimer’s Disease…

Top signs of a cheating spouse

Top signs of a cheating spouse are never the same among people. It is like different people behave differently and react different in various situations. However we have tried to bring some of the most common signs of cheating partners under one place in a general basis. Here are some of the traits that have been usually observed among swindling couples:
The first signs that one can observe in a cheating spouse is the lack of closeness. This is an important factor that can build a healthy relationship or break one. The next thing that you will notice in case you are suspecting your spouse to be deceitful is a sudden change in their behavior. An amoral individual prefers hiding his or her deeds for which they generally either tend to be extremely caring or start shouting for trifle things. These are two extremities that may raise an alarm in their better halves. Talking about changes, you may also note the difference of grooming. Slow and steady changes in their taste of clothes, access…

Triond- Earn From The comforts of your Room.

As technology spear-heads a new era of revolution in the field of technology, it has indeed become feasible for individuals to rake in a handsome amount every month, just from the comforts of their room. Triond is one of those sites which pay you for writing articles of your choice and submitting the same on the sites dashboard. Whatever one writes, gets published and eventually, the individual gets paid for the work submitted. The work is published on several existing websites where an individual can also make a huge number of friends. All one needs is to have is a flair for writing! Triond is just like any other blog, where thousands of articles pour in everyday but the fact remains that unlike the other blogging sites, you get paid for what you write at Triond. The system of payment is done via PayPal. Till date, PayPal is said to be the safest way of carrying out online transactions.

Through the PayPal process, an individual can buy services and goods from the dealer without discl…

Comparison Vedic Horoscope and Clairvoyance horoscope

A horoscope is something that predicts the forth coming events. It works on the principle as to how the planets or the other celestial bodies are aligned at a particular point of time. It is believed that there is indeed a connection between these celestial bodies and human behavior. To a large extent, human behavior can be influenced by the alignment and the movement of the planets. The system of horoscope has been there for more than 5000 years now, but, still a good number of people hardly believe in this system although numerous astrologers and soothsayers have been bang-on with their predictions. To know more about it, we can look in to various types of horoscopes like Vedic and the Clairvoyance and the difference between them.

When we talk about the Vedic Horoscope, then it is supposed to be the most ancient and the most renowned procedure for predicting the future of individuals. Historians believe that the concept of Vedic Horoscope is as old as 12,000 years old and its origin…

The influence of horoscopes in our lives

The influence of horoscopes in our lives can be traced back to the 3rd millennium. It is believed that horoscopes started controlling our lives ever since time and memorial. Hence one can easily understand how old the custom of this chart is. It is known by different names like natal chart, cosmogram, star chart, celestial map, astro map, vitasphere to name a few. Originally is a derivative of the Greek word “horoskopos” or “horoskopoi” which roughly translated mean “look at the hours” and “marker of the hour respectively. Now a question may arise as to what exactly a horoscope is? In simple words it is a chart that is made based on the basis of position of planets and stars around a new born. Depending on these positions a lot can be interpreted about the future of a newly born child. Things like marriage, career, studies, character, and money can be deciphered from these codes of planetary positions. This is why some cultures of the world consider horoscopes to be of utmost importa…