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An important component of photography, gray card

A gray card is actually a reference card the middle portion of which is grey colored. The gray card forms an important part of the art of photography. Typically, it is utilized to produce a consistent color in the image or in the film by using it together with the reflective light meter and by consistently exposing the image to it. The color of the gray card is neutral grey and the shape of the object is flat. - See more at:

Enhancement in the production of the color through film scanner

The photographic films are directly scanned into the computer by a device named the film scanner without using any sort of intermediate printing. A film scanner provides with several benefits over the use of a flat bed scanner and can print and scan a photographic film of any size. The photographer can directly control the cropping. He also has the control on the aspect of the ration on the unmolested and original image on the film to the printed image by the scanner. - See more at:

Importance of dry box, lowering the level of humidity

A dry box is usually a storage container in which the interior of the container is kept at a lower level of humidity. It is a means of removing the water vapor which is trapped in the air inside the container. - See more at:

Control diabetes in some simple steps

Diabetes had become one such disease that can be easily found in every family these days. It is of two types, the one in which sugar level goes up and the other one in which sugar level goes down. They both are dangerous in their own ways. If you are at an increased risk of diabetes than the thing that is most important for you is to take preventions as early as possible. - See more at:

Making bright eyebrow lines with grooming techniques

The basic ideaEyebrow on one’s face not only enhances the beauty of the individual but also creates a mark line of the face. Some people have thick eyebrows while others have thin ones. Plucking the eyebrows and creating a face arch can be really a tough job. - See more at:

Holistic reach towards beauty

In both the cases for men and women, the beauty treatments of body care involve the complete care of body, skin and hair. To detect the root of the problem, to diagnose it and to cure it effectively, every beauty treatment and therapy needs advises of the nutritionists, dermatologists and beauty therapists. - See more at:

Non-natural treatments for the damaged skin

Cosmetics which heal skin are nothing but chemicals which are used to treat damaged skin. Creams and lotions work from outside the skin which does not treat and cure the problem of the skin from the roots. To heal and cure your skin one needs to detoxify his /her system of the body internally which is only possible through the natural means, i.e. through natural inputs. - See more at:

Basic idea behind Laser Genesis

Basic idea behind Laser GenesisIn the world of today, people have become much careful about their skin. People normally try all the different ways to keep the skin healthy. Laser Genesis is one such type of skin therapy.  - See more at:

The sacred cow

India being the richest nation in cultural heritage could identify the worth of numerous natural assets as sacred and hence the old mythology started worshipping them. The important mentions in this regard are the peepal tree, the sun and the most beneficial pet animal cow Besides sufficient appreciation in the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures, the worth of cow had been very much emphasized by the holy prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.) of course 14 centuries ago, He preached his disciples about its milk to be beneficial, its ghee to be curative in so many diseases and for bade eating of its meat as it was suggested to be harmful to the system and the health. Recently it has been reported that its excreta is good absorbent of deadly radio-active emissions as pollutants in the precious environment. - See more at:

The news media got into commotion as IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal got suspended

Durga Shakti Nagpal is an IAS officer of the 2009 batch in the Uttar Pradesh cadre. She graduated from the Indira Gandhi Delhi Technology University in the year 2007 in the Computer Science and Engineering stream. After getting an all India rank of 20 in the UPSC Civil Service Examination in 2009 she joined India Administrative Service. - See more at:

UPA government’s foreign affair policy! What is the policy?

The UPA government’s management of external affairs has invited criticism from several corners. Almost all of its efforts to improve relationships with countries like Pakistan, china, USA and gain confidence of new partners have been futile. In the past three months, more than a dozen instances of incursion of Line of Actual Control (LAC) by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have been reported. - See more at:

Top 10 ideas to remove corruption from government

Top 10 ideas to remove corruption from governmentCorruption is a devil. In today’s world nothing seems to be done without indulging in corruption. It threatens a man’s moral and ethical values. It is as if an infectious disease which if not cured will turn the world into heartless animals. Here are few points to discuss on various possibilities about how to reverberate corruption from root. - See more at:

Certification tests-the most recent discovered avenue to land you with a job

Education for all
In this fast moving, ever changing world survival and living is a real challenge. With the progress of time and age education has widened itself to cover more and more member under its purview. Now almost everyone living a decent lifestyle is formally educated. It’s a definite positive side of a society. As education signifies the journey traveled from darkness towards light. If every individual in a society is able to get an education then the society as whole progresses. But with this progress, a flip side of it also comes to the forefront. Now that everyone is educated the competition in the market of work has increased in leaps and bounds. And rightly so as the need of every educated soul is to earn his livelihood wisely using his education. With the ever increasing population the hunt has become even more difficult. A formal degree serves as tools and a weapon in this job seeking hunt. But often a formal degree is not enough to get more equipped certification tes…

Usefulness of Microsoft course in IT world

M/s. Microsoft Corporation is USA based a monster multinational company deals in multiple products range essentially used in Computer world. In fact, current Computer world cannot think even a step ahead without referring Microsoft products. ITians are always on race to strengthen their computer related knowledge to gain a good and worthy position in Corporate. Microsoft has extended many segments to educate and to train with the help of their approved courses as well as recognized certification. An industry-worthy professional along with technical training process is most essential to up-grade the level of proficiency in Microsoft technologies by hands-on-labs training to gain real-world application skills. Thus Microsoft Training proves as an Inevitable towards IT aspirants and professionals. Eventually, corporate are hunting for those candidates who are with Microsoft Certification. It is an icon to embody the recognition and acceptance your skill and knowledge in the related field…

WoW gold and some matters related to buying WoW gold

World of Warcraft is a massively online multiplayer game that is played by millions of users across the world. It was launched by its company on the year 2004. With the 7 million players playing across the world, it has been put in the Guinness Book of World Record to be the most popular online multiplayer game. It’s also world’s most subscribed online multiplayer game of the date. - See more at:

Online Gaming - Best Way to Get In-house Entertainment

The idea of online gaming has received its highest popularity in the last 15-20 years, when people become more and more dependent on computers for every small and big issue in life. Actually there are lots of benefits of gaming online. Some of them are; - See more at:

Pancreatic Cancer, a wide spreading disease

PancreasThe fish like organ with a wide head, tapering body and narrow pointed tail behind the stomach is popularly known as pancreas, which extends horizontally across the abdomen and size of pancreas may be of 6 inches long but not wider than 2 inches. Exocrine and endocrine are two types of glands excreted from the pancreas. Pancreatic juice is made in the exocrine glands and is released into the intestines. The enzymes in that juice help in digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the food. Endocrine cells are in a very small percentage in the pancreas. They accumulate in small clusters which are called islets, which release hormones like insulin, glucagon direct into the blood to balance the rate of sugar in the blood. If insulin production is not functioning properly, then diabetes may result.Types of tumors - See more at:

Islet cells are the main reason for pancreatic cancer

The pancreas is our internal body part. It is a type of gland. It looks like a thin pear. It lies at the back of the stomach. It has six inch lengths. It has three sections.1) The head is the wide area of the pancreas2) Body is the middle section of the pancreas3) The tail is the end section. It looks like a narrow endSometimes we hear that a cancer is happening here. An islet cell is the abnormal cell. It is a tumor cell. This cell is also called Neuroendocrine tumor. It is very bad type of cancer which occurs in the pancreas.Type:Pancreatic islet cells are mainly two types. It can be noncancerous and other is cancerous.1.      Noncancerous or benign2.      Cancerous or malignantPancreatic tumors are mainly three types. - See more at:

A New Horizon of Science, existence of Sixth Sense discovered by Dutch Scientists

Science is everything nowadays. Everything that we see, perceive, think, speak of is science. And this knowledge is not nascent. Science is as old as time and people studying it-Scientists. They originated from the age of Christ and pre-Renaissance era.In modern days we often heard of the term “sixth sense”. This is nothing but the power of speculation, what scientists earlier thought was not a part of human science. But a group of Dutch scientists has claimed to have discovered the existence of sixth sense. Sixth Sense is a boon of Science. It is beyond five physiological senses like hearing, smelling, sight, taste, touch. Every person has experienced sixth sense at some point of time or the other. It is of two types: - See more at:

Different ways of building eco- friendly buildings in India

Now-a-days, eco-friendly houses are popular in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Madras, Kolkata and Hyderabad are the pioneering cities, where people prefer living in such houses to the traditional ones. The popularity of such houses comes in the wake of the importance being placed on green concepts of living. Before we discuss about eco-friendly houses in India, something really needs to be told about Carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is known as the “total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, product, event or product”. It is the carbon emissions, most commonly known as Carbon dioxide (CO2), which considerably adds to the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases have a direct impact on the environment, which bring extreme weather changes, increase in global warming or global temperature, the loss of eco-systems and seriously dangerous health effects for people. So the carbon footprint is just a number that is considered in the calculation of the amount of carbon in the ma…

Namaste- the real Indian Maharaja

Do you find this Indian way of welcoming people fascinating?Hands are joined at the heart and the body remains in a steady but firm posture, while the head bows a little as you hear-” Namaste”!  You reciprocate at the face brimming with a brilliant smile only to realize that you have stepped on the land of Maharajas and this unique way of welcoming people is actually a symbolic act from the cultural heritage. - See more at:

Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani, and Reliance group

Dhirajlal Ambani also known as Dhirubhai Ambani is an industrialist and a business tycoon, from the state of Gujarat. Born on 28th December in Gujarat, he became one of India’s most famous industrialists with in a very short period of time and passed away at an early age of just 69. He is the founder of reliance industries hosted at Mumbai. It took only twenty years for Dhirubhai Ambani to turn his small business in a total capital of sixty billion dollar making him India’s second richest person after steel tycoon lakhsmi mittal. - See more at:

Is the Great Pyramid only a Pyramid?

the Great Pyramid is remarkable not only for its immense dimensions. The tomb has been searched for ages by tomb raiders and even by the Arab rulers of Egypt during the Middle Ages but no great treasure, nor any mummified body of a king has ever been found there. Modern researches have yoelded the same result. - See more at:

The 'Must Visit' Destinations while on a Trip to London

The "Must Visit" Destinations while on a Trip to LondonLondon is a leading global city and incorporates within its roots, an awe-inspiring blend of culture, commerce, arts, education & entertainment which makes it an ideal destination for vacationing. This mixed blend is based out of the fact that London is known as the "Cultural Capital" of the world.Exploring the City with KidsWhen going out to roam the city along with kids, a few destinations that will rock their world include the visiting of toy museums, and destinations such as the memorial playground of the Wales Princess. These offer the children with a spectacular area for fun & frolic. When it comes to educating the children, having a stopover at the Freightliners farm might do the trick as it is one of a kind working farm which can be enjoyed with family. To add to the ongoing excitement, yet another halt at the steam museum in Kew Bridge can push you back to the Victorian era. -

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