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Female organs found in a man from MP!

When 35-year-old Rayloo suffered excruciating pain in his stomach, he decided to get himself admitted in the hospital. After examining Rayloo, doctors at the Chindwara district hospital in Madhya Pradesh suspected a case of hernia and decided to conduct a routine operation.
But the team of doctors who operated upon Rayloo were in for a shock. What they thought to be hernia turned out to be two ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix - the female reproductive organs. Rayloo, a farmer, hails from Trora village in MP's Betul district. The father of a 14-year-old hadn't suffered any other problems till now.
"Rayloo had been ill and complained of pain in the stomach and the urinary passage. Examinations showed that the patient suffered from inguinal hernias on his left side," resident civil surgeon of Chhindwara district hospital Dr P. K. Shrivastav said.
The medics were of the view that the main cause of Rayloo's extreme pain was inguinal hernias.
Six days after he go…