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Mobilize Your Musical Experience With Latest Mp4 Players

The era of those king-size gramophones acoustic systems is no more. Portability holds the true spirit of beauty in modern time. The continuous hunger of man to invent new things have always lead him show up an amazing creation every single moment. This has been paving the way to get more modern comforts. The way to look at the life – especially when it comes to the world of digital music has entirely changed.

The portable mp3 players once opened the digital dream door for those who are looking for the modern acoustic effect. But the latest version, hi-tech mp4 player is just an awesome creation that has moved a few extra miles ahead to deliver the digital world with the galore of aesthetic dimensions, with exceptionally magical experience of enjoying music. The mp4 actually is the global file extension for certain official container formats, which are usually defined in the MPEG-4 standard. They usually support almost all types of multimedia contents as well as certain other contents, …

Online casinos ranked by informed players

People now play online casino games from the leisure of their homes and online casino is no more a rarity. There are in excess of 1000 sites that offer online casino games for their visitors, but not all among them are good to play with. Its no more only the basic casino features that attracts people, with increasing number of people playing the games and the skyrocketing demands for online casino, has seen a surge in online casino game sites. For a player these many sites available are a cause of concern as it becomes difficult to evaluate each of them to decide the best casino to play with. There are many features of a casino site that needs to be taken into consideration before making a choice of whether to play or not to play with a certain casino game site, like welcome bonuses offered, Payout time, graphics, game play, speed, security and many more. It is indeed a great help to the confused players that some 20 editors have already taken the task of painstakingly evaluating all …

G-Spot in women ! Is it real?

G spot is supposed to be a highly sensitive area in the vagina, which when stimulated gives women a powerful orgasm. It was German Gynaecologist Mr. Graefenberg who first told us about the existence of G-Spot in 1950 but did not exactly define the spot. People all these days kept up their relentless search to locate the exact spot.
Scientists also differed about the existance and the location but an Italian researcher Emmanuele points out after a study conducted on women, who claimed to have vaginal orgasm, and those who claimed they did not have vaginal orgasm. That yes there is G-Spot and only some women have them. G-Spot according to him is the tissue on the front vaginal wall located behind the urethra. He has found that those who have thicker tissues in this region experiences vaginal orgasm. It is possible to detect this thickness with simple ultrasonography to find out if the woman concerned possess the gift of Gift of G-Spot.

PlayStation Console for sale

Playstation 2 Console 110V (SCPH-90000) (Ceramic White) (Japan Version) - $ 259.99

The PlayStation (often abbreviated PS or PSone) is a 32-bit video game console of the fifth generation that was first released by Sony Computer Entertainment in December1994. The PlayStation was the first of the ubiquitous PlayStation series of console and hand-held game devices, which has included successor consoles and upgrades including the Net Yaroze (a special black PS with tools and instructions to program PS games and applications), PS one (a smaller version of the original), PocketStation (a handheld which enhances PS games and acts as a memory card), PlayStation 2, a revised, slimline PS2, PlayStation Portable (a handheld gaming console), PSX (Japan only; a media center, DVR and DVD recorder based on the PS2), and PlayStation 3. By March 31, 2005, the PlayStation and PS one had shipped a combined total of 102.49 million units,[5] becoming the first video game console to reach the 100 million mar…

Mutual funds a safer way to investments.

Mutual fund is fund that pools money from retail investors to invest in stocks , bonds, shorty term money market instruments, and / or other securities. The fund is almost always run and managed by professionals of the Firm promoting it. These managers of the funds also known as portfolio managers trades the fund's underlying securities , realizing Capital gains or losses and collects the dividends or interest income and then in turn passes the proceeds to the investors. There are several types of Mutual funds like Open-end funds, exchange -traded funds, Money market funds, Bond funds, Equity funds, Funds of funds etc.
Why is it comparatively safer to invest with mutual funds?Though there are many who thinks otherwise its a well accepted fact that mutual funds are comparatively safer than other types of securities and/or investments. Why? As mutual funds are managed and invested by highly skilled professionals of the trade after careful considerations of all investment options inv…

A nice opportunity for blog and site owners

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Hardy's Tess: Quest Of Irony

If a man puts his arm around a lady's shoulder, saying in his warm loving tone, "don't cry", would it be awful?
Such may be a beginning in the quest of irony. If we would have a little risk on saying that the test of a great writing – especially novel, is organic or imaginative structure, we won't be wrong. As Coleridge defines the power of imagination as a fusion of many into one, it will not have a way to disagree. The organic form does not stand without fusion. It may also be said that the mind's vibration seeks always fusion. I shall endeavor to show that irony. Perhaps, the complexion may arise in the sense of any kind of organic form.
While emphasizing on adding special effect of irony to their writings or expressions, the modern critics, sometimes looses their track. They are sometimes seen ending up with something very cheap.

In certain respects, the position taken here is antipodal, i.e. the exact opposite of a person or a thing, which occurs interesti…

21st February International Mother Language Day

21st February is one of the most significant day in Bengali calendar. It is "International Mother Language Day". Spanning back to the history, on 21st February, 1952 (8 Falgun 1359 – as it corresponds to the Bengali calendar), the police guns of East Pakistan' force went bang on a procession of students, thereby killing four of them, who set out with a demand to establish Bengali as the official language. This was an incident that occurred in Dhaka, when the nation wide revolution led to recognition of Bengali as an official language of Pakistan. But it was not until 17th November 1999 that UNESCO declared the day "21st February" to be the International Mother Language Day.
At a public meeting on 21 March, 1948, the Governor General of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, declared that there could be no language, other than Urdu to be used as the national language for both East and West Pakistan. People of East Pakistan -- whose main language was Bengali – launched a …

Click soldiers of modern India

Reema Sood is a an average Indian House wife from Kolkata with modest education, Her husband is an executive with a permanent job and both of her sons are in school. This scenario sounds similar to many common household but with a difference. Mrs. Sood spends her leisure afternoons clicking while watching soap opera yet she contributes around Rs,5500 every month. she is one of the many modern click soldiers India is producing every day. They fight for financial freedom. They watch advertisements , search for new recipies to please HIM and her naughty kids, help them with their homework , and in doing all these regular actvities she earns Money. How?
But first you have to know how to earn on internet and how to encash those earnings into Indian currency. On the internet we have virtual free accounts by which we can receive online payments and in turn encash them to Real Indian currency via Our known banks like Axis, United bank, union bank, standard chartered bank,etc. To open a Free Vi…

Multicolored Aquarium Fishes – A Unique Mean Of Pet-facilitated Therapy

Aquatic world is one of the very sensational creations wonderfully of the nature. This is a world – so magical, so cool, so interactive, so imaginative and so glamorous that it has been alluring hearts of zillions all across the globe since years. Fishes benefit us not only if we eat them; watching the multicolored shoal moving all around in the glass tank, peeping through coral reefs and bushes of water weeds creates a real magic spell in human mind. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania reported that watching fishes swimming in a home aquarium is one of the easiest and best ways to ease mental stress. They also reported that calm movement of the multicolored fishes in a glass tank offers a mean of controlling high blood pressure.
Merely sitting before the tank with water, gravels, underwater weeds and coral décors -- but no fishes would hardly come to any help to people. The renowned ecologist Alan Beck, director of the university's Center for the Interaction of Animals &…

How to earn from blogs?

Earn Money Blogging
Short opinion articles
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No more boring skins for your notebook

People are on the move nowadays and they are not the only one enduring the stress of their frequent travel. Their note books also get to share a fair amount of the stress and this stress is reflected on the fading cover of your favorite note book. To minimize this stress on your note book during your travel and regular handling it is always advised that you use skin to protect the cover of your note book. Skins are no more boring today in fact it has become a fashion statement with almost all types of themes, are on offer for all types of personality and workplaces. For those who prefers custom design on their note book skin, it is also a real possibility. For making a new custom designed skin or if you would like to choose from a vast database of pre-designed design for your precious note book you can always trust skinit. For their design includes designs for all taste and its going to please you seeing that your note book is the object of your friends envy for its lively outer skin.…

What Makes Ireland Irresistible Among Tourists?

Ireland is a popular tourist destination. This country offers unrivalled tourist attractions. This is what makes people come back time and again to Ireland. What makes Ireland as popular as it is now among tourists? What is its charisma that makes people want to go back? Ireland is an 84,412 km land area with a total coastline distance of 3,172. It is considered as the “emerald isle” because of its prominent greens. Its capital city is Dublin, known for its cosmopolitan and chic mood.

Ireland’s Tourist Attractions

Ireland is the home of the Irish race. The Irish contributes to the appeal of this country. They are the people who will welcome anyone with a smile. Hospitality and amiability are traits common to the Irish. These people are nurtured by culture and strengthened by history. Their ways are guided by Irish principles that have guided their ancestors. Ireland offers an exquisite view and experience of nature at its best. There are several gardens to explore. The St. Stephen’s Gre…

A Glimpse Of Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens who was one of the most successful English novelists of the Victorian era was actually called as Charles John Huffam Dickens in full. His works revolutionized the world of English literature in a unique way, with some subtle strokes of Victorian style with modern undertone.
Generally young readers, of both gender and all generation are either static or destructively active. They seem to have lost the direction for the youthful energies, which can, if properly directed, achieve greatest happiness and prosperity for the greatest number. With these thoughts, if we have a glimpse on the life of Charles Dickens (Feb 7 1812 to June 9 1870), we may have bright bubbles of English literature of 19th century.
Born at Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, in a middle class family, he was not only an eminent novelist of his age but also an influential spokesman of the conscience. Let's now have a brief glimpse on the origin of Charles Dickens. Starting off with one of his grandfathers…

The Himalayan Salamander

The Himalayan Salamander (Tylototriton verrucosus Anderson, 1871) is the only species of salamander found in India. It is a unique and rare, tailed amphibian (Order Urodela/Caudata) which is endangered and protected under Schedule II part II of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. It is a keystone species of the lentic habitats in the eastern Himalayas. It is a member of the ancient family Salamandridae, members of which were known to exist in Europe from the Jurassic era.
It occurs between the altitudes of 1330-2220 metres a.s.l in the Shiwalik, Mahabharat and Chulachuli hills of Eastern Nepal and in the Darjeeling sub-division of West Bengal (India) besides in Bhutan, Kamalang valley in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh (India), Ukhrul and Senapati districts of Manipur (India), Kakhein hills of Myanmar, Loei and Chiang Mai provinces of Thailand and in Western China. It is mostly known to inhabit the cloud forests and cool mountain lakes and temporary as well as permanent pools…

Play online casino BUT with caution

Playing casino games without getting duped by unscrupulous casinos is getting tougher by the day. Its because of the sheer number of casino sites all over the internet and most of them are fishy in their dealing which in fact is a serious draw back for people who wants to play via internet. As the saying goes “you can fool some people for all time, all people for some time but you can never ever fool all people for all people.” There are kind hearted people who find out the fishy sites some way or the other to inform rest of us about which sites are good bad or ugly. They rate these online casino sites on various criteria which is stringent enough to make a player secure while playing from casinos rated by them . It also consists reviews of what others people told about the respective casinos. So it is a great source for the newcomer and the veterans as well to safely play on the net with a substantial decrease in chances of getting duped. The site is also rich in other information ,…

Communal Amity

The present state of affairs in our society is no doubt a curse to the mankind . This is certainly due to our disloyalty to God. We have d4eviated from the noble path of humanity. The onset of Ramzam month is an excellent opportunity to realize and fulfill the objectives of mankind. Like other Islamic festivals, Ramzan is observed for full enlightenment. It stresses the need to share social responsibilities through sacrifice by keeping restr4aibns on all our senses. It is the right time to challenge the Muslim masses for sharing responsibilities to eradicate social and moral crisis prevailing in the society.
The crucial need of the present day India is stalwarts like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad for whom books were his life, Hindustan his heart and Islam his spirit. It is heartening to see that the government and some active organizations have realized the importance of the role of Islamic luminaries for that they have invited Fatwas on some major national communal issue our Islamic scholar…

Its not enough to shoot ! You should share also.

Taking videos is quite common throughout the world for those who beleives in capturing moments of life's bit of exitement. Those who indulges in capturing these moments also likes to share them . Its no more a secret that some of the greatest shots are taken by ametuers which creates a ripple among those who sees it like the scene of hanging of Saddam Hussain taken by a mobile cam or for that matter the shots taken during the assasination of Benazir Bhutto. Though not always this serious in nature people all over the world keeps recording interesting bits on their recorders and now there is a serious opportunity for those who loves to shoot memorable moments of life. For they can be awarded handsomely to share their prized shoot and nominate them against other videos taken by by someone like him somewhere else. Its not only about the hefty prizes you get while joing this community you get to meet lively people who shares your passion of capturing life. The community pays weekly as…

Do Southern Women Flirt the Best?

I was in a conversation last night, before I had to shut down the computer and wait to see if the tornadoes were going to rip Tennessee of the face of the map, whew what a night, about hearing voices of your friends online. That turned to accents among other things. Laying in bed I was thinking about the way southern women flirted, compared to other parts of the country. I thought about Scarlett O'Hare in gone with the wind, and how she has all of the boys vieing for her attention, while the other belles were left in her dust. The reason she did is that she had the art of flirting down pat. I am an indiscriminate flirt. I flirt with men, women, children, young, old and everything in between. It is my nature. I feel that it of the most sincere form of flattery. It makes the recipient feel good, it puts a smile on their face, and you can noticeably see a lift their step. Oh sure I have flirted to see other things besides the smile and jauntier step, but that would be my other nature…

Can abortions in early years leads toward infertility?

I have seen a confession in a confession site whereby a women confesses of having physical relationship with several people and had two abortions before marriage, now it seems that the lady has developed some complications which prevents her from conceiving a child. I would like to request those knowledgeable people here to clarify if this is scientific. Or is it that the lady has developed conditions leading to her infertility for reasons completely different from her past abortions. Reply By Eden: Do you know if the woman had a legal or illegal termination? If she had an illegal abortion, anything is possible. She may have gotten an infection that was never treated after the procedures. She may have had an instrument used on her that was not the proper way to preform the abortion. Etc. However, assuming she had a legal abortion; it is very unlikely that her fertility issues now are related to the abortions. In a legal, early termination a woman is given either a local or a general an…

Face of Man – The Mirror Of Life

Face of man looks beautiful, when it expresses the innermost innocence. Man sees things through his eyes. Not only he sees, he observes; the more he feels the thirst to know, more he wants to express. This is all what he wants. He displays himself in this very unique way. Thus the mannerism grows, with the growth of life. This is life – behaviors bring successive kinship within our social aspects. This is what the light of a man's life is all about. The reverse identifies ill-humanism. Admirations depend on dealings.
Dealings create a man. But in treatment many of us forget how to behave. We tend to forget that everybody expect the right blend of humanism. But privation is a meanness that causes damage to the sweet harmony between us. Although we have a good faith, a belief and maintenance in ourselves as a nature, we sometimes forget ourselves and make damage right in the frontline. We forget the truth, which is the "Rock Of Gibraltor".
There may be discord; that does no…

Valentine's Day Flowers – The symbol of love

When words are exhausted, offload your headache to a cute bunch of red roses this Valentine's Day if you want it to be heard when you say 'I Love You'. Flowers probably are the best way to express your innermost romanticism silently. This is where the significance of flowers in some special occasions like Valentine's Day lies. Rose – especially the red ones top the list and are treated as one of the most adorable Valentine's Day symbols, as are the cupids, candy hearts, ribbons, frills, love knots, doves and love birds.

Flowers have their own unique language of love that can convey a million romantic messages all at a time. Especially the Valentine's Day roses speak out most prominently the three magical words that your soul mate would love to hear on Valentine's Day. But red roses are not the only flowers that are used on Valentine's Day. The Valentine's Day colors are red, pink and white, which is why flowers such as pink and white roses, Carnation…

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BoA's latest J-pop album

BoA's latest J-pop album features 13 tracks including her No.3 Oricon hit LOVE LETTER that was co-penned by herself. Other entries on this highly anticipated new release are the KOSE FASIO CM song Sweet Impact and Beautiful Flowers, the theme song for a TBS pro baseball program. Smile again, BoA's contribution to the Saturday TV Asahi program "White Theater", and her brand new single be with you for the new movie "My 10 Appointments With A Dog" have also been included.

Write posts in your blogs to earn

To earn a decent income from writing blogs is no more a distant dream nowadays. There are companies who are willing to pay you to write about their sites in your blog, thereby giving them advertising mileage among your readers. Some do insist on a positive note but there are sites also, which appreciates honest comments. It would be tough to start looking for sites that are willing to pay you to write about them, the easier option is through a common platform, where site owners willing to have posts written about them posts their requirements and bloggers come and take the suitable offer of writing the posts. There are several sites which has this service of acting as a common platform between bloggers and advertisers. Each has its own set of rules which the bloggers and advertisers have to abide. The compensation for writing posts vary depending your blog’s popularity the more popular it is you are likely to be compensated more for writing. If you are having a blog which is at least …

Development triggers pollution

Nature and mankind form an inseparable part of the life support system which constitutes of five vital elements namely air, water, land, flora and fauna which are all interconnected , inter-related and interdependent and have coevolved and are co-adapted. Since the present-day society largely depends on chemicals, the rapid pace of all round industrialization and modernization of life, there will certainly be more and more instances of a variety of chemical and biological contaminations leading to explosive state of environmental degradation and consequent health hazards.
The major environmental problems include long term occurring acid rain, extensive contamination of surface and ground waters, severe air pollution both from automobile and industrial exhausts, uncontrolled hazardous waste sites, long range transport of pesticides and other deadly poisonous chemicals, estuarine and coastal water pollution, global warming because of increasing density of greenhouse gases, accidental rad…

Importance of Id-ul-Zuha

As is the law of nature that nothing can be gained without significant sacrifice. Similarly for all sorts of goals to gain, one has to initially put some input as sacrifice in the hope of likelihood reward. The basic philosophy of Islam rests on this very significant concept of sacrifice, what in our own term we call “Qurbani”. The purpose of all the time prophets was to propagate the way of practicable goodness amongst the people where every prophet was destined to put maximum sacrifice and utmost restrain. The responsibility of all the Muslim has been put by Allah to practice and propagate the lessons of all good senses very pridely all in the objectives of supreme command.
The yearly celebration of this great festival of Id-Ul-Zuha reminds us of spirit of such pious mission in which prophet Ibrahim was directed to sacrifice his best and most sulted valuable whereupon he finally chose his own son to fulfill the directive. On accepting this great sacrifice however the son was replaced…

Excelled in its performance

Six months period is not sufficient enough to assess the performance of a new Government. It can be fairly viewed that the both the centre and state governments on most of the important issues like safeguarding territorial integrity , ensuing confidence in minorities. Harijans and weaker sections maintaining law and order have excelled in their performance.
The most significant achievement of the state Government had been in curbing communalism mainly on the most controversial issue the Babri Masjid–Ram Janmbhoomi. The state Government deserves all praise in this regard for taking historical action in ordering arrest of Shankaracharya Launching speedy welfare measures, special relief to weavers. Poor artisans and above all allocating half of the state budget for the rural and agriculture sector has proved its commitments to the ideologies of great socialists like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Loknayak Jaiprakash Narain and Chaudhary charan Singh.
Although …

Oil Slick – the redeeming feature

The much maligned oil slick in the Gulf can be a blessing in disguise too. The marine microorganisms feed on hydrocarbons and other components of the oil and register a high growth rate and therefore are a greater source of nourishment for the fish and other aquatic life forms. This may lead to a much greater seafood production than in usual circumstances.
It has been observed that the micro-organisms found universally in water columns and water sediments of the ocean are in abundance in the areas of high hydrocarbon concentration, some of these micro-organisms constitute an important link in the food chain and the productivity cycle.
Since micro flora are actively oxidizing hydrocarbons in the ocean, oil may be considered as another source of carbon for use in the life cycle of micro flora. Nutrients cycled by bacteria may also improve growth of photo planktons. The best evidence in this regard is that a creel census in the Corpus Christi Bay, off Louisina coast in the USA showed that …


Environment in its widest sense is called: Biosphere which consists of earth’s crust, the surrounding Atmosphere and various forms of life that exist in the zone 600 meters above and 10,000 meters below the sea level. The Biosphere is too large and so complex that it is divided into smaller units of Ecosystem.
Ecosystem is defined as the plants, animals and the microorganisms that live in a defined zone and the physical factors present i.e. soil water and air. Within an ecosystem, there exist a dynamic interrelationship between the living forms and their physical environment. The balanced operation of natural cycles and the ecosystem contribute to the stability of whole biosphere, which is fundamental to the continued co-existence and development of life on earth. The general impact of Pollution within an Ecosystem is the disturbance/alteration in the prevailing congenial balance of natural cycles which operate in atmosphere on the land and in water.
Various natural cycles that operate …