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Everything you ever wanted to know about Bermuda Triangle

When you think of Bermuda, you ought to think of the Bermuda triangle as well. There have been many stories about this place. It has also been considered a perilous spot since it has devoured numerous human lives, wrecked ships and has also destroyed many planes. People say that the ships and the planes simply disappear as soon as they reach this place. It may sound baseless and unscientific but then, this is actually what has been happening in Bermuda triangle for years now. Even today, we find newspapers, magazines and journals coming up with stories of Bermuda triangle with great emphasis being laid on it.
The Bermuda triangle has its base in the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, it is an extended part of the Atlantic ocean which is covered by an imaginary line that links Florida to Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then again to Florida. It is indeed difficult to mark the exact point of the Bermuda triangle. There was a man named Vincent Gaddis, who named the place as Bermuda Triangle. He was al…

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