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Chinese guns rejected by Pakistan being sold off as Diwali toys in India

New Delhi. Intelligence agencies have concluded that Chinese toy guns and bombs, which are being sold as Diwali firecrackers, are actually defective ammunitions that were rejected by the Pakistani army while buying war equipment from China with US aid money. Delhi police had earlier banned such toy guns, but now an inquiry has been ordered to find out how India ended up buying these substandard firearms disguised as firecrackers.“It’s not a secret that Pakistan buys low cost arms and ammunitions from China with the help of US aid money that it gets to fight terrorism,” an IB source told Faking News, “We had earlier seized similar second-rate guns and explosives from captured Pakistani terrorists – one of the major reasons why 99 percent of terror strikes are stopped – but we now realize that these Diwali toys are made up of similar materials, though of even lower quality.”After preliminary examination, intelligence agencies could verify that these Chinese Diwali toys were nothing but …