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I Love The Sea At Digha

I keep going back to Digha to de-stress myself. I see a different look of the sea on each of my visits and this constant change of nature does impress me and compels me to keep visiting this lovely place.

Fish Stall in Digha

A popular activity in Digha is savoring fry fish from the numerous fish stalls along the sea beach.

A Beach in Digha

A popular weekend among Bengalis is a trip to the lovely and sandy beaches of Digha in East Midnapore.

Sea Beach At Shankar pur

Shankarpur is a place around two kilometers from the traditional Digha beach area which is now over crowded with tourists and hotels, now is the latest craze amongst people for its boulder less beautiful beaches and its fishermen village.

First BJP Government has at last set up in South India

After a long one month of suspense, the union Cabinet decided to withdraw the president’s rule in Karnataka, embarking on a new journey by paving a way to build up the first BJP government in South India. The spirit of celebration for the saffron was at its peak, when the Karnataka leader B S Yeddyurappa took the oath of office on November 12th 2007, in Bangalore. The union Cabinet considered the report of Governor Rameshwar Thakur to the Center. In his report Thakur had no doubt about the numbers being clearly with the BJP-JD(S) combine. His report had a point over the stability of the combination stating the manner in which the previous H D Kumaraswamy government failed to honour its commitment. When the Cabinet meeting was over the finance minister P Chidambaram stated, “The Cabinet decided that the governor may be advised to invite BJP leader B S Yeddyurappa to form the government.” The center would advise the governor to invite parties, which according to him would be best suite…

How To Write Good Article

Submitting good contents in various directories have proved to be a good way to generate good amount of traffic into your website, giving it a faster growth. It is the good content that can pillar the growth of the online business, may it be an online brochure or press release or article or blog post. While dealing with the best way to write good articles, it is required to evaluate the main problems of writing good articles. The main problem however, is the lack of confidence and considering yourself to be not a bad writer. This is the one of the chief constraint of coming up with good content. The second serious problem is that sometimes people cannot select a proper topic and third salient problem is not being aware of the correct procedure and postulates of writing good articles. Well said an ancient Chinese proverb that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire”. If you have never written articles before, you can try out writing something now.…