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Valentine's Day History and Origin

Valentine's Day is that special day that makes lovers all across the globe feel the fragrance of love and passion more intensely. It is this time of the year that the spirit of romance is at its fullest swing and the flame of love tends to illuminate the world with lovely colors, spread the warmth in the air all around. Not much is exactly known about the history and origin of the Valentine's Day, although there are different believes and various schools of thoughts . There were actually several interpretation regarding the history and origin of Valentine's Day.

While according to some the Valentine's Day celebration calls for the pagan tradition during the third century, the Europeans, on the other hand, believed that birds began to choose their mates on February 14th. It was by 1477 that the English associated lovers with the feast of Valentine with the belief that on this day "every bird chooses him a mate." The practice started off with men and women writi…

Valentines Day Song

Have you ever wondered how beautifully you can express your innermost feelings for your soul mate just by singing out a couple of romantic Valentine's Day songs. It may sound weired that although Valentine's Day has always been related to love and passion, yet not all love songs have that elements of passion to be the perfect Valentine's Day song. Some love songs really hold the right blend of love, passion and fun that makes them really the right ones to be played ina aValentine's Day party. Some of the really rollicking Valentine's Day songs are:

" A Million Love Songs" -- Take That

" Valentine Song" -- by Robert Argyle Campbell

" Breaks My Heart" – Monica

" Nobody Loves Me Like You Do" -- Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson

" I Need Your Love Tonight" -- Elvis Presley

" A Song" -- by Thomas Carew

" Song: Persuasions to Enjoy" -- by Thomas Carew

" As Long As You Love Me" -- Backstreet Boys


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