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Face of Man – The Mirror Of Life

Face of man looks beautiful, when it expresses the innermost innocence. Man sees things through his eyes. Not only he sees, he observes; the more he feels the thirst to know, more he wants to express. This is all what he wants. He displays himself in this very unique way. Thus the mannerism grows, with the growth of life. This is life – behaviors bring successive kinship within our social aspects. This is what the light of a man's life is all about. The reverse identifies ill-humanism. Admirations depend on dealings.
Dealings create a man. But in treatment many of us forget how to behave. We tend to forget that everybody expect the right blend of humanism. But privation is a meanness that causes damage to the sweet harmony between us. Although we have a good faith, a belief and maintenance in ourselves as a nature, we sometimes forget ourselves and make damage right in the frontline. We forget the truth, which is the "Rock Of Gibraltor".
There may be discord; that does no…

Valentine's Day Flowers – The symbol of love

When words are exhausted, offload your headache to a cute bunch of red roses this Valentine's Day if you want it to be heard when you say 'I Love You'. Flowers probably are the best way to express your innermost romanticism silently. This is where the significance of flowers in some special occasions like Valentine's Day lies. Rose – especially the red ones top the list and are treated as one of the most adorable Valentine's Day symbols, as are the cupids, candy hearts, ribbons, frills, love knots, doves and love birds.

Flowers have their own unique language of love that can convey a million romantic messages all at a time. Especially the Valentine's Day roses speak out most prominently the three magical words that your soul mate would love to hear on Valentine's Day. But red roses are not the only flowers that are used on Valentine's Day. The Valentine's Day colors are red, pink and white, which is why flowers such as pink and white roses, Carnation…