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Ajand Hind Sarkar's Treasury was Looted by Jawarharlal Neheru

26th January, 1944, Rangoon. India is celebrating its Independence Day. In a large mass gathering at the municipal building premises, Netaji is delivering his speech.

In that mass gathering more than sixty thousand non-resident Indians were spellbound and overwhelmed by Netaji’s speech. In his speech Netaji appeals to the mass to make donations to create Azad Hind Fund which will help to fight against English and British imperialism. Netaji had proclaimed war against these two super powers in the midnight of 23rd October, 1943 just three months back.

Netaji’s call has created an enormous hue and cry among the crowd. It was such a clarion call! Everyone yearns to sacrifice whatever they had. All the civilians are ready to be penniless and mendicants for raising funds for the Azad Hind Army to fight the enemy.

U. Toy, an officer with the British Intelligence Bureau in his “The Spring Tiger” says -
‘in a public gathering on 29th May, 1944 Subhas Chandra had managed to accumulate nearly…