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The birth chart of Sonia Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi

The above picture is just a sample of typical birth chart

The calculations were based on these variables.

Sonia Antonia Maino

December 9 1946 00:00 AM

Varese, Italy
+1 GMT
008° 48' E 45° 48' N

The Luminaries: Sun and Moon

The state of the solar system at the time of your birth points to self-similar (fractal) qualities within you. But of all the planets, the "lights" - the Sun and Moon - are thought to indicate the main polarity of your being. In psychology, this has been articulated in the concept of complementarity between the conscious and unconscious contents of the mind. The Sun and Moon act as positive and negative poles - an intentional, directing element (Sun), and a suggestible, receptive one (Moon). In a beneficial relationship, the emotional conditioning of the Moon is given a purposive and positive expression by the astrological Sun. This has been called 'intentional living'. Wherever we allow our consciousness (attention) to rest, that we vitalize.