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Pilgrimage, like most other religions, has been a very important and integral aspect of Hinduism ever since the days of the early Aryans. People from all parts and communities of India have traveled long distances across the country in search of divine bliss over millenniums and centuries. But what astonishes the observer most is the number of “holy places” designated by the religious books and scriptures of the Hindus, and the variety of rites and rituals that are practiced in each of these places. These places are scattered all over the country, right from the remotes of the Himalayas till the off-shores of the southern coasts, and host a wide range of religious practices at different points of time.....................

Drinking The Seductive Sap Of The Nightlife At Las Vegas

The nightlife experience of Las Vegas is a real thrill. And yes, it is for sure that any one would love enjoying the glory of the life and would love to drink the seductive sap of the nightlife at Las Vegas. as it has been the right pocket having something for anyone and everyone – regardless of sex, age, and culture. The waves of ultra modern glorious and adorable of night clubs to the great galore of top class lounges keep the city of Las Vegas rocking 24 hours and 365 days. If you would like to treasure the feel of this ecstatic and enthusiastic experience in your mind all through your life, then Las Vegas if supposed to be the perfect place to visit. Believe it or not, this cute little town always remain over flooded with the gorgeous galore of radiant neons, shimmering all over giving the town a paradisiacal fervor of beauteousness. The ever rocking music, the classy range of attractive hotspots and the gorgeous hotels accentuated by captivating interior designing, beautiful deco…

Translation of Durga Chalisa in English

I bow to You O Goddess Durga, the bestower of happiness!
I bow to You O Goddess Amba, who Ends all miseries.

The radiance of your light is limitless and all pervading and all the three
realms (Earth, Heaven And the Nether World) are enlightened by Thee.

Your face is like the moon and mouth very huge. Your eyes shine with a
red glow and You have a Frightening frown.

O Mother! Your look is enchanting, the very sight of which ensures welfare
of the devout.

All the powers of the World repose in Thee and it is You who provide food and
wealth for the World's survival.

Like the feeding Mother Annapoorna, You nurture the whole universe and You are
the one Who appear like the timeless Bala Sundari (young girl of extreme beauty).

At the time of dissolution, it is You, O Mother, who destroys everything. You are the
beloved Consort of Lord Shiva, Gauri (Parvati).

Lord Shiva and all yogis always chant your praise Brahma,
Vishnu and all other Gods ever meditate on You.

You appear in the form of Goddess Saraswa…

Monkey menace in delhi costs the life of Delhi's deputy Mayor

The two solutions suggested by the Government are: Sterilization and relocation. First has failed as mission impossible and the other not worked as monkeys have traveled back. Your views on this.

Ans: Sterilization is always a better option than relocation. This is due to the fact that relocating 10000 monkeys altogether is really quite problematic. There is always a good chance that relocating these huge number of monkeys may turn out to be a threat to another place. Although the city has already employed expert monkey catchers in order to round them up to be relocated to the forest nearby but the approach turned out to be a big flop.

The city has also employed monkey catchers to round them up so they can be moved to forests

Sterilization, on the other hand, is really a good idea and would bring down this intense problem. It’s probably because the Government has not spare a serious thought over the issue or probably because Government’s plans were not sound enough that the option of ste…


Latest News:- Priyanka todi denies any involvement by her family. Whis was quite on the expected lines. You cant expect a witness to remain with the accused and still say the truth, Now when she has nothing to gain from this only she has to loose more.

I am also looing interest in the matter so will close the post and not continue it any further. But i promise to keep posting my views on other topics.

Adventure Tourism in Jharkhand

Tourism as a vacation activity is growing all across the world with leaps and bounces everyday. Enthusiasts from far away places flock to tourist spots with options for natural and historical sightseeing as well as for religious pilgrimage. But the new and unique kind of tourism that has been developing fast over the last few decades is adventure tourism. Information and lifestyle television channels, websites and magazines have all the while been adding new dimensions to this activity, which provides the true pleasure and ecstasy of thrill.

Earning on net for an average Indian is not at all difficult

Earning on net for an average Indian is not at all difficult or illegal nor is it difficult to encash dollars in your ordinary bank account held with Indian Bank like SBI,UBI,AXIS,Canara Bank or any bank for that matter. Now many of us have heard of people working on the internet and not paid , its not because its not possible but probably because these people did not know the exact procedure of getting paid. Actually there are few steps and certain accounts (Mostly free) to be opened and there are certain things to be done to be successful on the internet. There are endless number of opportunity which exists and can be exploited (HONESTLY) by any avaerage Indian and earn money and be indipendent. The scope is huge but I would be trying to focus on the avenues I exploit to earn my livelihood. Yes there is nothing called free money and dont expect to earn any decent income with no expenses at all, this is simply not possible , But yes you can earn without even investing a dime but then…

Rizwanur Rehman ! A sad end at the hands of Kolkata Police (1)

I write my views on the incident of Rizwanur in kolkata. My views are entirely my personal views and I never ever intend to hurt the feeling of a already grief stricken family. From the reports on the media I view the incident a bit differently from what the general people see it. I see no fault of Mr. Todi . Well I don't intend to sound like I am defending Todi, But if we consider and asses his deeds ( alleged actions and or conspiracy ) in the backdrop of the present socio economic and communal scenario any one of us would have done the same thing if it was within our reach. Now of course the logical question comes as to what exactly are the allegations against him? As per the media reports the broad allegation is that he conspired and got his son in law killed. Well I believe he is sensible enough not to try to plot a murder in details all by himself keeping in mind his financial status and business acumen and also his tactics to use the Police. what he did was quite logical,…

Why am I writing?

Its for long that i have been fascinated by blogs but never really thought of making one for myself nor did i thought of writing blogs on a regular basis but some how I was today compleeeled to open my blog. This is my first blog ever so please forgive me for mistakes. I guess I would do better with time. Now what I plan to write here is about what i feel and experience in my life. I do dream a lot but I cant really put them in words but I would try my best.