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From whom would you take a loan?

It would be useless to let people know that there are online sites which provides you with pay day loans and other loans like cash advance etc. Its more futile trying to justify the need of short term loans in todays world. Infact the people now are spoilt for choices. Now the question is among so many lenders whom to ask for loans? Lets be clear these financiers are not there to help you with money for nothing. However they advertise with a child's face, its bread and butter for them so will take some of yours to fulfil their business interests. Its now your onusto get the best bargain as most of them will be clever enough to make you pay dearly for your loans from them . However there are some lenders whom people have found easy and interesting enough to deal with for their reasonable charges and other allied factors. Past borroweres from their experience have listed few of the site they feel can be trusted in your times of need. To get a list of sites that can really help you …

Culling of Chicken Outpaced Due to Spread of Bird Flu In West Bengal

Right at the beginning of New Year 2008, the state of West Bengal, India witnessed a severe outbreak of bird flu among poultry. All the 13 out of 19 districts of West Bengal are seriously gripped by the deadly H5N1 virus, affecting the chicken health in the state. Very recently 24 Parganas (South) and West Midnapore have also come into the grip of bird flu, throwing a great section of the population into the danger zone. As per a report laid down by West Bengal Animal Husbandry Minister Anisur Rahman, bird flu virus has also affected several other districts like Murshidabad (Samshergunge) and Cooch Behar (Mathabhanga).

Almost over 1.57 million birds have been culled by Sunday, although 2.2 millions was the pre-set target. It has been declared that consuming chicken during this period may turn out to be seriously dangerous for human beings as well as for animals. Despite the fact that influenza A (H5N1) virus – bird flu virus are only deadly to poultry and does not usually affect mammal…

Family Cycling Holidays in France

Cyclists of all abilities can look forward to some fantastic scenery whilst on a cycling holiday in France, along with experiencing traditional French cuisine in the many hotels you stop at on your travels through the scenic countryside.

France is a country that is extremely enthusiastic about cycling, as we are all no doubt well aware with the Tour de France, and they have made it ever so easy to explore the countryside and cities on two wheels, with dedicated cycle paths and routes all around.

Cycling holidays will give you peace and tranquillity with awesome views of countryside, chateaux, medieval towns, hilltops, valleys and gorges and these are just some of things that you would easily miss out on if you were driving through France, and with the rich heritage, extraordinary landscapes and the gastronomic delights can all be appreciated more whilst cycling, especially because of the extensive national network of veloroutes.

These veloroutes will take you along canal towpaths, quiet …

Family Skiing Holidays in France

Skiing holidays to France are very popular especially to resorts in the French Alps with popular places like Courchevel and Meribel, but France has absolutely hundreds of kilometres of ski slopes, which are situated in some of the most spectacular mountainous regions in the world.

So when you go on your family skiing holidays or snowboarding, you need to find the right place with the right ski slopes or the nursery slopes for the beginners, so you can be sure of getting the ideal holiday, and whether this is through a travel agency for a luxury package ski holiday, or you are organising everything yourself by choosing your own chalet or staying in a hotel and being pampered whilst off the ski slopes, the choice is endless but you will not be disappointed.

Also, France has some of the biggest ski resorts such as Les Trois Vallees, which is made up of three valleys and includes resorts like Courchevel and Meribel, with this area having around 600km of pistes for skiers of all abilities an…

Camping Holidays in France

When you think of a French camping holiday you may start to think of cold wet weekends away, you could not be so wrong, and with absolutely thousands of campsites in France, you have so many different ones to choose from, and whether you have your own tent, are touring with a caravan or a motor home, the choice of camp sites is endless.

If you were to pick an area of France, then you will not have any trouble in obtaining information on campsites in that particular province and in fact you would probably be spoilt for choice. But there is one place called Brittany that is one of the most popular destinations for a family camping holiday in France and this is due to sandy beaches, hidden coves, rock pools and the coastline that the children just adore.

Yet the Alps is a vast area waiting for the more adventurous camper with mountainous climbs, pretty villages and lakes to explore along with Chamonix, which is the highest town in Europe.

Then there is Paris, the capital city of France, whi…

Respected Leader - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, was one of the most important leaders for Indian Independence against the British colonial rule. He was born Subhas Chandra Bose but he is known to people as "Netaji" which means 'respected leader'.

Subhas Chandra Bose was born on January 23rd, 1897. His Bengali family was affluent and lived in Cuttack, Orissa. His father, Janakinath Bose, was a member of Bengal Legislative Council. He was a public prosecutor. Subhas went to Raven Shaw Collegiate School in Cuttack. Then he entered Scottish Church College in Calcutta and also went to Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University. When Subhas took the Indian Civil Services entrance exam in 1920, he came in fourth with the highest marks in English. But his career in the Indian Civil Service was short lived as he resigned in April 1921 to become one of the driving forces of the Indian Independence Movement. He joined the Indian National Congress and was very active in its youth wing.

Immediately aft…

Poker a favorite game of gamblers

Poker is one game that is very popular amongst card players who likes to bet . Though the history of this very popular game is not a case of certainty its believed to have been taught by the Persian sailors to the settlers of New Orleans. This game might have been a variation of a game called AS NAS often played by the Persian players of that era. The game centers around a combined bet by players according to the value of their respective card combination . The player who has the highest combination and stays 'in hand ' while others have folded is a winner. There are quite a few variations of poker as well some that are worth mentioning are Draw poker , Stud poker , Community poker etc. All variations follows the basic pattern of the game with some little tweaking for each variation.

As bets are involved a player is required to learn the game well and know about its finer tactics and strategies of the game to play without undue casualties. Its recommended that you first try ou…

Not many casinos offer what they offer

Everyone does not always have a pleasurable experience gambling online. Mostly because there are many casinos which invents weired rules while paying up , and some have been confirmed of using cheat mechanism to deny payments to players, and there are a hell lot of them online ready to dupe players. So what do you do to gamble online safely? The prime importance is on the Casino you are playing with , you got to find a honest casino who has large bonuses on offer and have a wide variety of games to try your luck on. There are unfortunately not many casinos qualifying for these sort of criteria but fortunately enough there is at least one on-line casino who fulfills these basic requirements along with many other interesting features on offer. Additional useful resources they offer are huge but to name a few we can easily point to the following list for a brief idea . An unbiased and honest reviews on the best of the dealsGuide for new playersHuge bonusesGreat variety of games and so on…

Valentine's Day History and Origin

Valentine's Day is that special day that makes lovers all across the globe feel the fragrance of love and passion more intensely. It is this time of the year that the spirit of romance is at its fullest swing and the flame of love tends to illuminate the world with lovely colors, spread the warmth in the air all around. Not much is exactly known about the history and origin of the Valentine's Day, although there are different believes and various schools of thoughts . There were actually several interpretation regarding the history and origin of Valentine's Day.

While according to some the Valentine's Day celebration calls for the pagan tradition during the third century, the Europeans, on the other hand, believed that birds began to choose their mates on February 14th. It was by 1477 that the English associated lovers with the feast of Valentine with the belief that on this day "every bird chooses him a mate." The practice started off with men and women writi…

Valentines Day Song

Have you ever wondered how beautifully you can express your innermost feelings for your soul mate just by singing out a couple of romantic Valentine's Day songs. It may sound weired that although Valentine's Day has always been related to love and passion, yet not all love songs have that elements of passion to be the perfect Valentine's Day song. Some love songs really hold the right blend of love, passion and fun that makes them really the right ones to be played ina aValentine's Day party. Some of the really rollicking Valentine's Day songs are:

" A Million Love Songs" -- Take That

" Valentine Song" -- by Robert Argyle Campbell

" Breaks My Heart" – Monica

" Nobody Loves Me Like You Do" -- Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson

" I Need Your Love Tonight" -- Elvis Presley

" A Song" -- by Thomas Carew

" Song: Persuasions to Enjoy" -- by Thomas Carew

" As Long As You Love Me" -- Backstreet Boys


Buying medicines online was never easier.

Buying your medicines online was never so easy , discreet and safe earlier. is open and able to service you round the clock each day of the week so that you can at your convenience order your required medicines without having to wait for physicians to issue you a prescription , which lets you carry on with your daily routine without the bother of making appointments with the doctors. The process of buying your online medicines is simple , what you do is select the medicines you need , fill an easy medical questionnaire and pay using a secured online payment gateway accepting all major cards. Then United States licensed physicians scrutinize your order and issues a prescription. On basis of such prescriptions the pharmacy will book your medicines through fed-ex using the next day delivery service.

Visitonline pharmacy to buy your medicines safely

Gay men need to fear

'Flesh eating' MRSA bacteria is spreading at an alarming rate among the gay population mostly in and around Sanfransisco and Boston area. Journal Annals of Internal Medicine suggests after conducting a study that the easiest way people get infected to this bacteria is by annal intercourse , though infections through casual skin - to - skin contact is not ruled out. They also revealed that the bacteria is spreading fast and could soon affect the entire gay population of the United States. It also suggests taht the best way to reduce the risk of infection is to scrub the parts in contact with soap and water thoroughly and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

How to neutralize bad credit?

A recent survey shows that one in every seven home loan customer in United States defaults at least once in their loan period. The story is similar to almost all types of loan and not just home loan. We all know how it sometimes become difficult to meet a loan repayment deadline in-spite of our best efforts. The results of these types of failures are catastrophic. Your credit history gets destroyed, you start earning BAD CREDITS , which in turn affects your future borrowing capabilities to a large extent. Fortunately for those who earned a bad credit in the past and now would like to settle those bad credits. They have got a great option gives you a detailed comparable list of bad credit offers of all sorts , to help you seek the best available opportunity from major players. When you avail a bad credit offer and maintain your repayment schedule you can again start earning good credits and build your credits rating.

For the list of BAD CREDIT OFFERS ple…

STOP your teenage children from smoking,drinking.....

It is not advisable to have a TV in your teenage kid's room. A study among a batch of teenage children from the age group 12-16 revealed shocking facts. Children with a TV in their room is twice as likely to smoke marijuana, 30% more chance of him drinking and 50% more chance of getting sexually active. So why take a risk?

Online Payday loans are fast becoming popular

Payday loans are becoming popular these days for various reasons. This has become an important financial service nowadays, for those who needs quick and urgent funds to meet immediate expenses mostly those that are unplanned for which otherwise they would have had to source their needs through other humiliating modes like distress selling or borrowing from a friends and so on. Those sad days are gone for good. You can now at the click of a mouse avail a quick loan generally credited to your account overnight with reasonably less paperworks and allied hassles. The minimum criteria that the lenders look for in a typical loan application is whether the borrower is employed continually for the last three months , if his monthly salary is more than US$1000 and if he has a checking account. Payday loans are supposed to be returned with the fees by your next payday but some lenders also allow a rollover facility by which you can extend the repayment date to next payday but with an additio…

Universal temple at Chennai


Swami Vivekananda on his triumphal return from the West was requested by the devotees in
Madras (now Chennai) to start a Math here. To fulfil their earnest desire Swamiji sent his brother-disciple Swami Ramakrishnananda to Madras in March 1897 and thus Sri Ramakrishna Math,Madras, came into existence. After reaching Madras, the first thing Swami Ramakrishnananda did was to set up a small shrine for Sri Ramakrishna at a rented house. He lived there and led a life of renunciation service and austerities. Slowly he built up the institution as the present Sri Ramakrishna Math which is a hub of muiti-pronged service activities. This is the oldest centre of the Ramakrishna Order in the South.Sri Ramakrishna Math completed hundred years of its service in 1997. The shrine of Sri Ramakrishna set up in 1917 in the present Math was clearly too small to accommodate the growing number of devotees. …

Swami Vivekananda stayed here

Swami Vivekananda the famous disciple of Shri Ramkrishna stayed in this house from 6th - 15th February of 1897. This picture was taken by me during my visit to Chennai last year.

Finding the right Care options for you and your loved ones.

During the passage of our lives we face situations where it becomes necessary for us to seek specialised care for us or our loved ones. There are lots of options available to us to seek better and more personalised care nowadays, than we could have imagined even a few decades back. Technological advancement has made it possible to offer extremely advanced personal care, But this scope of highly advanced care has given rise to a number of companies providing personal care for financial considerations . which has in turn made it more difficult to select the right type of care among so many available options and in those times of urgency when you need your crucial queries resolved on your need of personal care either for you or your loved ones you can trust care homes to get you the most exhaustive details and help you decide better with your care needs.

Physical relation with a HIV+ person

Recently I saw a report in Times of India that a court in New Delhi, India has annulled the marriage of a couple from Kerala. It was on the basis of a complaint from the husband that his wife was tested HIV positive while undergoing routine pregnancy tests but the husband was found HIV negative. Now my question is about the clinical possibility of having physical relations with a HIV positive person and yet remain healthy. Or was it just that the the man never had a physical relation with his wife.

A great shopping cart software explained.

I had in my earlier post tried to explain how an average Indian can start conducting business online and own an efficient online store with one of the best e-commerce software backing their efforts for a very reasonable charge. In this post I wish to delve deeper into the software and try my best let my readers know more about the unique e-commerce software that can be very useful to your business.

The software is easy enough to install even by a 'confirmed novice' . It needs no additional pluggins , no graphic design skills is needed to operate this software , no HTML knowledge is required either. Though HTML knowledge is not needed there is a section where you can use your customized HTML if you choose to.

The most crucial and vital aspect of running a business is managing the inventory well. This software lets you manage your inventory in every possible way you would ever need it to be managed from very simple web based control panels. You can choose your own design from a …

Online gambling

In India the law does not speak much about online gambling except for Maharashtra. The Bombay Wagers ACT makes gambling an offense inside the territorial jurisdiction of the Maharashtra state. As online gambling is not so common a feature in this part of the globe, lets delve a bit deeper in to the concept. Online gambling is nothing but traditional gambling played or conducted online through the internet. Their odds and payback percentages are normally at par with the off-line casinos. As of the nature of the industry the trust issue is a major concern for all new prospective gamblers. Other than the trust issue there are several other factors that has to be taken into consideration while making a choice of online casino among millions of online casinos , many of them often fraudulent. Some major factors that requires your attention while making a choice is discussed below in brief.

1) Bonus :-

There are several types of bonuses like Sign up bonuses , Cashable bonus , Sticky Bonus …