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Pretty women have Ugly Husbands?

It’s often seen in successful marriages that the man concerned is often a notch or two below the woman in looks. All most all of us probably, have wondered about this phenomenon, after seeing stunningly beautiful women paired with ordinary or even below average looking men as long term couples. Why is it so common? Well it has got something to do with what a man or a woman longs for in their spouse? There is a distinct divide among the men and women on this issue, and it seems to have a uniform proportion in almost all part of the globe barring few exceptions. Men almost always and everywhere place great importance on the beauty, while women looked for support and care from their husband. Though beauty can never be defined exactly, there are some standards universally accepted as pointers of beauty in a women like a large pair of eyes, symmetric faces , So called ‘baby face’, ‘average face’ etc. Though past researches seems to have proved that people of comparable good looks attract e…