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21st February International Mother Language Day

21st February is one of the most significant day in Bengali calendar. It is "International Mother Language Day". Spanning back to the history, on 21st February, 1952 (8 Falgun 1359 – as it corresponds to the Bengali calendar), the police guns of East Pakistan' force went bang on a procession of students, thereby killing four of them, who set out with a demand to establish Bengali as the official language. This was an incident that occurred in Dhaka, when the nation wide revolution led to recognition of Bengali as an official language of Pakistan. But it was not until 17th November 1999 that UNESCO declared the day "21st February" to be the International Mother Language Day.
At a public meeting on 21 March, 1948, the Governor General of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, declared that there could be no language, other than Urdu to be used as the national language for both East and West Pakistan. People of East Pakistan -- whose main language was Bengali – launched a …

Click soldiers of modern India

Reema Sood is a an average Indian House wife from Kolkata with modest education, Her husband is an executive with a permanent job and both of her sons are in school. This scenario sounds similar to many common household but with a difference. Mrs. Sood spends her leisure afternoons clicking while watching soap opera yet she contributes around Rs,5500 every month. she is one of the many modern click soldiers India is producing every day. They fight for financial freedom. They watch advertisements , search for new recipies to please HIM and her naughty kids, help them with their homework , and in doing all these regular actvities she earns Money. How?
But first you have to know how to earn on internet and how to encash those earnings into Indian currency. On the internet we have virtual free accounts by which we can receive online payments and in turn encash them to Real Indian currency via Our known banks like Axis, United bank, union bank, standard chartered bank,etc. To open a Free Vi…