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Kovalam Beach

This international beach, 12 km south of Trivandrum city, is one of the finest beaches in India. A high rocky promontory jutting into the sea has created a beautiful bay of calm waters for sea bathing. The India Tourism Development Corporation had developed Kovalam as an integrated seaside resort which includes a string of cottages, the Halcyon castle, a shopping area, swimming pools, yoga centre, facilities for medicinal oil bath and massage and the Rajiv Gandhi Convention Centre with 1000 delegate capacity. The resort has 198 rooms with the four presidential suits in the Halcyon Castle, the Summer Retreat of the erstwhile Maharaja. The property has now been taken over by a private group, The Leela Group. Besides, there are numerous hotels managed by private agencies

Shanghumugham Beach

Shanghumugham Beach is very near to the International Airport and is easily accessible from the Kovalam Beach, Veli Tourist Village and Akkulam Tourist Village. Shanghumugham beach is noted for its cleanliness. The vast stretch of white sand and the serene atmosphere, away from the crowd in the city, provide all the ingredients for relaxation and for spending an ideal evening. There is also a “Star Fish Restaurant” with eating kiosks and open air theatre with car parking facilities. The sculpture of Jalakanyaka - Mermaid by Kanayi Kunhiraman is an added attraction.

Battle of Seringapatam

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Above is a piece of cannon among many others used to defend the fort of Srirangapattnam. Where one of the greatest battle was faught with the British on Indian soil. Tipu died in the fort while defending it because of treachery by one of its confident. The fort and the palace inside it, was ransacked by the victorious British forces and the loot carried out to England. Some pieces of artifacts are still in India like the picture above. The famous Sword of Tipu was however bought by Vijay mallya a Liqour Barron from sothbeys.

Chronological Brief on the Life of Tipu Sultan.

1750 - Tipu Sultan, born at Devanahalli , District Bangalore in Karnataka to Fakhrunissa and Haider Ali on November 20th.

- Young Tipu surprises the English during the first Mysore war.

- Defeated Colonel Baillie near Plilur.

-Tippu Sultan led a large body of troops in the Second Mysore War, in February 1782, and defeated Braithwaite on the banks of the Kollidam. Although the Br…

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I am sorry to have missed updating my blog as I was on a Tour of Southern India for the last 10-12 days. I am sorry for that but I have captured many beautiful images on my tours and as soon as I finish sorting them out I would post them on the blog for my readers to experience the mystic feel of southern India