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Sunglasses are visual aid with colored or darkened lenses that protects the eyes from excessive exposure to the sun which can lead to cataract. Though apart from its main use its also used as a fashionable and trendy accessories. They are very common among celebrities who has a desire to mask their identity while in Public. Sunglasses or something similar is documented to have been in use since the 12th century to mask facial impression of Chinese judges interrogating witnesses. There are no exact record of who the inventor of modern sunglass is but it is said that James Ayscough started experimenting with tinted glasses in the 18th century and Sunglasses first became polarized in 1936, when Edwin H. Land began experimenting with making lenses with his patented Polaroid filter.

In 2004, Oakley developed the THUMP, sunglasses with built-in digital audio player. This design has been copied by a number of smaller companies.

Sunglasses are also known as

Glares is a term popular in India if …

Favourite moments of life?

I have images that I like. These are fond memories which always has a pleasant feeling associated with it. It would be rather harsh on my part to call one of them favorite among so many of those moments that made me appreciate the creation of god . All the moments that I have lived on this beautiful planet is a notable experience. With Pictures I have just tried in vain to immortalize the snapshots of life.Keeping a dated album of Pictures of life always serves as an interesting way of keeping oneself alive, and re-live this small life many times over.
Take a look at some pictures others call them their favorite.