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10 more reasons to have sex...

1. Do you have a blocked or stuffy nose or are you suffering from asthma or hay fever? To cure these ailments indulge in lots of love making as
sex is a natural antihistamine.

2. Suffering from headache? Immidiately head for the bed as a love making session can cure you of headache by realising tension that blocks the blood vessels in your brain.

3. Suffer from bad breath? Start the practise of kissing your wife while going out as kissing encourages saliva to wash down food bits from teeth and reduce the acid level in your mouth that causes tooth decay.

4. Insomania? Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the whole universe far better than valium.

5. Do you know that the more you have sex the more you will be offered. Increase of sexual encounters increases the secretion of a chemical called pheromone and the subtle fragnance of pheromene drives other sex crazy in having sex with you.

6. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression , it releases endorphins in y our blood that produces a sense of f…