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Get your drinks quicker even in a crowded bar

Many of us have been in this situation before. Waiting, waiting, and waiting for your favorite drink in a crowded bar and your effort to grab a drink somehow gets subverted with new faces crowding the counter every minute. The bar tenders also seems to be in the conspiracy of testing your patience. The exercise repeats itself with every drink you manage to get after a long hassle. Most of us have taken it for granted, but you can change it. The trick lies in good manners, assertiveness and patience used in right proportion and duration. These attributes will carry you elsewhere as well, not only in crowded bars.Human tends to be biased towards people they are familiar with. So be a clever customer, and if you would visit this place regularly then go there few times during off business hours. This is the time the waiters and managers will be a little more relaxed and you could get yourself familiarized with the staff. This familiarization would go a long way in getting you, your drinks…