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In Trivandrum

An evening in shankumughom sea beach

Indian Coffee House
Indian coffee board workers co-operative society Ltd.
Affiliated to All India Coffee workers co-operative societies federation ltd.

Having some snacks at the Coffee house by the beach side is a memorable experience.

Victoria Memorial Hall in Chennai

The foundation of Victoria memorial hall in Chennai was laid by His Royal Higness George fedrick on the 24th day of January in the Year 1906

Pallava Empire emblem

While their origins in the 3rd century are obscure, their later power showed resilience into the 6th century CE. The base for this dynasty is Tondai-Mandalam on the eastern coast of south India.

The Pallavas had absorbed the ancient kingdom of Chola earlier. It is assumed that our period is just after the rule of the Kalabras.

The picture was taken by me during my visit to the museum in Chennai


Sati or Sahagamana is an ancient Indian custom by which a wife burnt herself on the funeral pyre with the corpse of her husband. By so immolating herself it is beleived that she removes all the sins of her family and secures merit for it as well. There are many early instansces of this custom which is mentioned even in Mahabharata, and during Rajput period it became common for a number of women to burn themselves on the pyre. Sometimes even concubines and queens of bad repute did so to free themselves from their sins.

A Sati stone MAHASALIKKAL or MASTIKAL is a memorial stone set up over the place where a faithful wife had committed sati. Such stones show the hand of the sati decked in auspicious bangles suggestive of the fact that she is a woman with her husband alive i.e a sumangali and not a widow. The husband is sometimes shone above adoring the wife.

Shankumughom Sea beach