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Hardy's Tess: Quest Of Irony

If a man puts his arm around a lady's shoulder, saying in his warm loving tone, "don't cry", would it be awful?
Such may be a beginning in the quest of irony. If we would have a little risk on saying that the test of a great writing – especially novel, is organic or imaginative structure, we won't be wrong. As Coleridge defines the power of imagination as a fusion of many into one, it will not have a way to disagree. The organic form does not stand without fusion. It may also be said that the mind's vibration seeks always fusion. I shall endeavor to show that irony. Perhaps, the complexion may arise in the sense of any kind of organic form.
While emphasizing on adding special effect of irony to their writings or expressions, the modern critics, sometimes looses their track. They are sometimes seen ending up with something very cheap.

In certain respects, the position taken here is antipodal, i.e. the exact opposite of a person or a thing, which occurs interesti…