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The influence of horoscopes in our lives

The influence of horoscopes in our lives can be traced back to the 3rd millennium. It is believed that horoscopes started controlling our lives ever since time and memorial. Hence one can easily understand how old the custom of this chart is. It is known by different names like natal chart, cosmogram, star chart, celestial map, astro map, vitasphere to name a few. Originally is a derivative of the Greek word “horoskopos” or “horoskopoi” which roughly translated mean “look at the hours” and “marker of the hour respectively. Now a question may arise as to what exactly a horoscope is? In simple words it is a chart that is made based on the basis of position of planets and stars around a new born. Depending on these positions a lot can be interpreted about the future of a newly born child. Things like marriage, career, studies, character, and money can be deciphered from these codes of planetary positions. This is why some cultures of the world consider horoscopes to be of utmost importa…