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Digha Marine aquarium and research centre

I visited Digha recently and found that the Marine aquarium and research centre there is one of the best in India , With the one in Mumbai keeping only local fishes in comparrison with the great number of species from all over India and some from abroad , here. I really am pleased to see such beautiful aquarium in Digha. ZSI is supposed to be running this centre and is in charge of maintaining the fishes. Some fishes I saw there are as below.

Common Name :- Groupers
Scientific name:-Epinephelus spp
They can be very colorful to almost monochrome according to their species. All Epinephelus are protogynous hermaphrodites .Mostly predatory feeding on live and artificial feeds, likes to stay alone and reproduction is not known to have taken place in captivity can be kept with larger fishes.
Common Name :- Red Squirrelfish
Scientific name:-Holocentrus ruber
Crepuscular lurkers , and not yet known to be breeding in captivity . Feeds on live food but accepts artificial food .
Common Nam…