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G-Spot in women ! Is it real?

G spot is supposed to be a highly sensitive area in the vagina, which when stimulated gives women a powerful orgasm. It was German Gynaecologist Mr. Graefenberg who first told us about the existence of G-Spot in 1950 but did not exactly define the spot. People all these days kept up their relentless search to locate the exact spot.
Scientists also differed about the existance and the location but an Italian researcher Emmanuele points out after a study conducted on women, who claimed to have vaginal orgasm, and those who claimed they did not have vaginal orgasm. That yes there is G-Spot and only some women have them. G-Spot according to him is the tissue on the front vaginal wall located behind the urethra. He has found that those who have thicker tissues in this region experiences vaginal orgasm. It is possible to detect this thickness with simple ultrasonography to find out if the woman concerned possess the gift of Gift of G-Spot.