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What is sleep paralysis and what happens during this?

The term Sleep Paralysis refers to the terrors that an individual suffers from during the nigh time. It is precisely during this point of time that an individual wakes up from his or her sleep and finds that he or she is unable to move or speak. Dreams, terrors and various other nightmares can also be linked to Sleep Paralysis. The other synonyms for this disease are hymnologic paralysis, postorbital paralysis, familial sleep paralysis and isolated sleep paralysis. It is at the onset of one’s sleep that an individual gets paralyzed. If an individual has been suffering from sleep paralysis, then he or she will have uncontrolled naps. The symptoms of this disease are that the person concerned will always be coy or afraid of things around him or her as he or she is unaware of the happenings. Several individuals also feel that someone or something is sitting on their chest while others generally feel claustrophobic or suffocated. In case they are alone inside a room, they might as feel t…

The Maoist Movement in India

Famous Men, Who Were Aries

Here is a list of top 10 famous men, who were Aries, but before that we would like to brief you about how an Aries man is in general. This will make it easier for you relate to the lives of the men as discussed below. An Aries man usually is an energetic and at the same time an impulsive man. They have an organized thought process, yet are passionate. The most interesting aspect of an Aries man is that he wants to conquer his own fears as he is scared in one way or the other. This lends them a unique strength of character which in turn helps them achieve success.
Adolf Hitler ­- This German dictator who changed history is an Aries man who had indoctrinated a whole nation at one point of time. His staunch beliefs, charisma, and the power of oration made him a distinct man in its own ways. He is still regarded as the greatest leaders of the world.Al Gore - Albert Arnold “Al” Gore, Jr. was the 45th Vice President of the U.S.A. This Democrat is an environmentalist along with being a politi…

How Chinese Horoscopes Differ From Vedic Horoscopes?

The term Vedic has been derived from the Vedas. The Vedic horoscopy is also better known as jyotish, meaning ‘Science of light.’ The Vedas encapsulated hymns sung in the praise of the lords. The Vedas are also a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom. The Vedas followed a certain culture which was then known as ‘bharat’, now India. The Vedic horoscopes, thus, is all about knowledge, truth, absolute truth and the science of existence. The Vedas also contain knowledge astronomical science and are more than 5,000 years old. The best part about the Vedas and the Vedic horoscopy is the way it has been successful in preserving the ancient heritage and rich knowledge of the nation. It also speaks volumes about the numerous invasions of our country. In a nutshell, it can be said that the Vedic horoscopes are basically the science of purusha, science of spirit, science of karma and the manner in which it affects the matter. When we talk about the matter, it means the following things: Earth, water…