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New Year's Resolutions For New Year 2008

One of the most common issues that are usually come across when New Year's is just around the corner is the New Year Resolution. What is a New Year's resolution? This may be the first question that may strike a kid's mind as soon as he or she will find adults talking about New Year's resolutions. Kids should be made aware of the fact that a New Year's resolution is a commitment made in mind to do something good for themselves or for others. Hence the New Year's resolution is usually interpreted as something quite advantageous and normally such resolutions are put to effect on New Year's Day and continue till the goal is reached. Each year zillions of people come up with loads of New Year's resolutions but many of them are seen going unachieved. In this regards kids should be taught that promises should be given to be kept and never to be broken. Hence the immense importance of promises has to be given on New Year.

Millions of New Year's resolutions …

Santalum album or sandal

The woody part of the plant Santalum album is used for fever, vommit, wound,chicken pox, excessive sweating, headache, hiccups and also in gonorrhea among many other uses that is not mentioned here.

Murraya Koengii or curry patta

The leaf apart from being widely used in cooking for that special flavor has other medicinal uses as well. It treats mucus in stool , vommitting and pimples.

The roots of this plant can be used for reliving pain in kidneys and also to clean stained teeth.

Barleria Strigosa

Also known as NEEL JHANTI in Bengali.
This medicinal herb has its use in many ailments. The extract of the plant is widely used for healing wounds, skin diseases , pain , itching, bronchitis and dental pain. Its roots are used in extracting old cough. The juice of the leaf is used for fixing loose tooth.


Mentha Piperita or Mint is an useful medicinal herb. Its oil is used as stimulants, antiseptic and also stomach gas disorders. Apart from these its use is well known in weakness, obesity, pain , headache and also is very useful in reliving menstrual pain.