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Tejas, India’s first Light combat Aircraft has been introduced in the IAF. Tejas is a supersonic fighter jet and it was handed over to the IAF by the defense minister of our nation. It was only after the Initial Operational clearance that A.K. Antony handed over the aircraft to the IAF team. It has been more than 25 years now that we have been dreaming of something like Tejas and finally it will be taking wings. The introduction of the aircraft is not only an achievement for our country, but, to a large extent, it also symbolizes the strength and potential of Indian Air Force and its self sufficiency potential. India, now with the introduction of Tejas has been associated with a league of other nations who can produce combat aircrafts like Russia, USA, France and Britain. By the middle of 2011, the IAF teams plans to induct two teams in the IOC mode. The IAF had already placed orders for 40 LCA’s back in the year 2005. The initial 40 have been powered by American General Electric GE-…