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Some pictures of the moon

Some pictures of the moon taken from my room.

It’s sometimes just a silly mistake that proves fatal.

Around 7000 deaths according to Institute of Medicine (IOM) in July 2006 occur in USA, and the figure is not exactly known in India. Most deaths related to wrong medication are not generally reported accurately in India. Many a causes could be listed for these fatalities and the responsibilities are also almost equally shared among the patients, pharmacists, Doctors. With doctors having the lion’s share in these fatal goof ups. We have often come across doctors with handwriting that’s best understood by them. I personally knew a Doctor who was quite good and we often visited him, he also had a Drug store which his wife used to man. All the drugstores in the locality knew about it and always referred us to her store whenever they saw the Doctor’s prescription as none could after their best efforts decipher what the doctor had written. This is not that uncommon phenomenon; its world over, the Doctors are known for bad handwriting owing to various causes including tremendous work pressur…

My baby after 1.5 months