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Actual photos of the human soul?

Actual photos of the human soul? Or part of it? I am very uncertain and baffled over this phenomena.Can someone elaborate on this? Or maybe verify or deny the nature of this sciense? Its a very interesting piece of work about the field that surrounds/fills the body. Anyone out there with knowlegde about this is hereby invited to please give coments.

Plants that cure man

Plants that cure man
Since long, very long man has relied on Mother Nature for curing himself, and nature has never been unkind to him. Nature gifted him with medicine naturally for many common ailments and he was quick to understand the values of them and later with a false sense of advancement he started losing this wonderful kit for survival and has been a slave to artificial remedial methods.
Time has now come to resort to nature for our well being and not only recuperate soon from your illness naturally but also feel good, instead of with a load of side effect using artificial drugs.
There are in abundance laying all around us many wonderful gifts from nature which treats various illness man faces. The only catch is we ought to be aware of the immense benefits of those trees, herbs, shrubs and creepers around us and know of their utilities and try to protect them for our own protection.
Let me tell in brief about some common disease or illness and that is cured by which plant.