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Earning on net for an average Indian is not at all difficult

Earning on net for an average Indian is not at all difficult or illegal nor is it difficult to encash dollars in your ordinary bank account held with Indian Bank like SBI,UBI,AXIS,Canara Bank or any bank for that matter. Now many of us have heard of people working on the internet and not paid , its not because its not possible but probably because these people did not know the exact procedure of getting paid. Actually there are few steps and certain accounts (Mostly free) to be opened and there are certain things to be done to be successful on the internet. There are endless number of opportunity which exists and can be exploited (HONESTLY) by any avaerage Indian and earn money and be indipendent. The scope is huge but I would be trying to focus on the avenues I exploit to earn my livelihood. Yes there is nothing called free money and dont expect to earn any decent income with no expenses at all, this is simply not possible , But yes you can earn without even investing a dime but then…

Rizwanur Rehman ! A sad end at the hands of Kolkata Police (1)

I write my views on the incident of Rizwanur in kolkata. My views are entirely my personal views and I never ever intend to hurt the feeling of a already grief stricken family. From the reports on the media I view the incident a bit differently from what the general people see it. I see no fault of Mr. Todi . Well I don't intend to sound like I am defending Todi, But if we consider and asses his deeds ( alleged actions and or conspiracy ) in the backdrop of the present socio economic and communal scenario any one of us would have done the same thing if it was within our reach. Now of course the logical question comes as to what exactly are the allegations against him? As per the media reports the broad allegation is that he conspired and got his son in law killed. Well I believe he is sensible enough not to try to plot a murder in details all by himself keeping in mind his financial status and business acumen and also his tactics to use the Police. what he did was quite logical,…

Why am I writing?

Its for long that i have been fascinated by blogs but never really thought of making one for myself nor did i thought of writing blogs on a regular basis but some how I was today compleeeled to open my blog. This is my first blog ever so please forgive me for mistakes. I guess I would do better with time. Now what I plan to write here is about what i feel and experience in my life. I do dream a lot but I cant really put them in words but I would try my best.