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Installing a Feng Shui Aquarium at home is a very traditional practice to enhance wealth and energy levels.

Although nowadays, aquariums decorated with colored fishes and bubbling water is considered to be a decorative element. But actually it is a combination and perfect balance of several Feng Shui factors to attract energy and wealth in abundance. A properly set Feng Shui aquarium decorated with Feng Shi factors is believed to bring in lot of prosperity and good luck. It can help a lot in stimulating inflow of money and luck at home. However, there are certain important points that should taken utmost care of during installation.

* The best part to place a Feng Shui Aquarium is in the South-east area of your home which is a Feng Shui storehouse for energy and wealth. Also, North indicates Career and East points to Health and Family. The bedroom and kitchen are a wrong place for a Feng Shui aquarium, as this may direct the unwanted energies to these areas. The wrong placing of a Feng Shui aquarium may give a way to many unwanted Feng Shui energies.
* The breed and color of fish does…