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Family Time - Easter Between Trees

Easter being the Pascha, or Resurrection Day is one of the most
important us feast of the Christians. It is the celebration of
the "Resurrection of Jesus" that is believed to have occurred on the
third day of His crucification around AD 27 to 33. Also referred to as
the season of the Church year (Easter Season or Eastertide), the
festivity is quite popular in the Christian community. One very
important regarding Easter is that traditionally Easter used to last
for the forty days from the actual Easter day till the arrival of
Ascension Day. Now it lasts for fifty days from Easter day until
Pentecost, the first week being the Easter week or the Octave of
Easter. Easter is sometimes called "movable Christian holy day" also.
This is because it is not fixed as per the civil calendar. Each year
it falls a sometime between 22nd March and 25th April as per western
Christianity and during early May as the easter Christian calendar
following the moon cycle.

Sometimes celebration of easter…