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Pongal – A Day Of Triumph

Pongal is one of the most important festivals of South India, which marks the celebration of prosperity associated with the harvest. Celebrated in Tamil Nadu as well as by the Tamils in many parts of the globe such as Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia, the festival of Pongal is in practice for around 50 centuries. The celebration of Pongal marks the Salutation and adoration of the supreme power -- the God of Sun, who embarks on a new journey towards the North on this special day, signifying the very auspiciousness of life. To the spiritual aspirants, the beginning of the northwards journey of the Sun God on this particular day has a special significance, as it is believed to have a favorable impact on life and well being.

Although it is predominantly a festival of Tamil Nadu (South India), it has been celebrated by many other provinces in India with different names. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, Pongal is celebrated on the day of "Uttarayan", which is the annual kite flying day…