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Poker a favorite game of gamblers

Poker is one game that is very popular amongst card players who likes to bet . Though the history of this very popular game is not a case of certainty its believed to have been taught by the Persian sailors to the settlers of New Orleans. This game might have been a variation of a game called AS NAS often played by the Persian players of that era. The game centers around a combined bet by players according to the value of their respective card combination . The player who has the highest combination and stays 'in hand ' while others have folded is a winner. There are quite a few variations of poker as well some that are worth mentioning are Draw poker , Stud poker , Community poker etc. All variations follows the basic pattern of the game with some little tweaking for each variation.

As bets are involved a player is required to learn the game well and know about its finer tactics and strategies of the game to play without undue casualties. Its recommended that you first try ou…