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The birth Chart of Narendra Modi of Gujrat

This birth chart shows the positions of the planets of Narendra Dāmodardas Modi
Zodiac in degrees 0.00SunVirgo23.48MoonSagittarius2.36MercuryVirgo23.54 RVenusVirgo8.55MarsScorpio24.08JupiterAquarius29.46 RSaturnVirgo22.50UranusCancer9.08NeptuneLibra16.14PlutoLeo18.54LilithTaurus27.44Asc nodePisces28.14
The sun represents vitality, a sense of individuality and outward-shining creative energy.

Sun in Virgo

He is ingenious, sharp customer, discerning, crafty, diplomatic. To the point and subtle in speech, he is a real diplomat.

Weaknesses: petty and over-critical. Over-attention to detail, nit-picking and fussy.

Virgo ascendant Sagittarius

Sun in X

Successful career is guaranteed, but may sometimes come late.

1069 Conjunction Sun - Mercury

He is intelligent and knows what he wants. Is a good organizer, he likes moving, travel. He likes literature.

449 Sextile Sun - Mars

He is energetic, determined, courageous, he is full of self-confidence. He likes to dominate, command, direct. He overcomes all di…