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Some pictures of the moon

Some pictures of the moon taken from my room.

It’s sometimes just a silly mistake that proves fatal.

Around 7000 deaths according to Institute of Medicine (IOM) in July 2006 occur in USA, and the figure is not exactly known in India. Most deaths related to wrong medication are not generally reported accurately in India. Many a causes could be listed for these fatalities and the responsibilities are also almost equally shared among the patients, pharmacists, Doctors. With doctors having the lion’s share in these fatal goof ups. We have often come across doctors with handwriting that’s best understood by them. I personally knew a Doctor who was quite good and we often visited him, he also had a Drug store which his wife used to man. All the drugstores in the locality knew about it and always referred us to her store whenever they saw the Doctor’s prescription as none could after their best efforts decipher what the doctor had written. This is not that uncommon phenomenon; its world over, the Doctors are known for bad handwriting owing to various causes including tremendous work pressur…

My baby after 1.5 months


Pretty women have Ugly Husbands?

It’s often seen in successful marriages that the man concerned is often a notch or two below the woman in looks. All most all of us probably, have wondered about this phenomenon, after seeing stunningly beautiful women paired with ordinary or even below average looking men as long term couples. Why is it so common? Well it has got something to do with what a man or a woman longs for in their spouse? There is a distinct divide among the men and women on this issue, and it seems to have a uniform proportion in almost all part of the globe barring few exceptions. Men almost always and everywhere place great importance on the beauty, while women looked for support and care from their husband. Though beauty can never be defined exactly, there are some standards universally accepted as pointers of beauty in a women like a large pair of eyes, symmetric faces , So called ‘baby face’, ‘average face’ etc. Though past researches seems to have proved that people of comparable good looks attract e…

Glimpse of City of joy


Love or lust? It shows on your face

It’s possible to figure out if some really feels for you, or is more interested in a short physical stint by carefully studying their faces. In a study conducted by Durham, St. Andrews and Aberdeen University on 700 heterosexuals revealed ,that though there exist no definite facial pattern to differentiate between lust and love , a whopping majority of 72% figured out correctly the sexual attitude of men and women after being shown them the photographs or facial images of men and women. It showed that men believe that women who have wide eyes and large lips are attractive and it was also noted that men found women who are open to short physical relationship more attractive. Women on the other hand found men who are after long term relationship more desirable. Like it was a common conception of women that masculine men are likely to be more unfaithful than those with softer physic. A man with a square jaw, large nose and small eyes are perceived to be among those who are mostly after l…

Streets of Kolkata

Some random pictures of Kolkata the City of JOY

Howrah Bridge or Rabindra setu

Some Pictures I took from the bus, on my way home from Howrah station.

Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu.

Built 1937—1943
Location Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Current status In use
Crosses Hooghly river
Type Balanced Cantilever Suspension
Usage Road bridge
Daily Traffic 150,000 vehicles, 4,000,000 pedestrians
* Rendel Palmer & Tritton
* Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd

Material Steel
Tower height 82 m
Number of spans 3
Length of spans 99.125 m

457.50 m 99.125 m
Length of drop-in span 172.02 m


India being the largest democracy of the world with six decades of its existence is still in the infancy stage of basic infrastructure in the sense that the very specialized training course and institution to train the Top Political Managers (like elected members of Parliament, State Legislative Assemblies, State Legislative Council, the Hon’ble Ministers, Chairman of Board/Corporation etc) is still nonexistent. Also there is neither any mandatory practice nor constitutional provision in this regard. It is pity that to manage each and every segment of specialized institution both in Academic and Corporate sector, there are specialized training and refresher courses of specific kind of Management; likewise areas of Business Management, Banking & Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Personnel Management, Industrial Management, Forest Management, Environmental Management etc. But alas, the people who run all finer and key portfolios in Government system by virtue of being…

The Practical aspect

No doubt, English as a language is language is riches in propagating scientific culture and advancement and the best link-language amongst people from all over the world. But due to the culture being flown through English medium schools, our dear children become quite negligent towards the responsibilities of their parents, elders, and weaker members of society in the lure of so-called smartness, dynamism and the materialistic involvement. The exorbitant amount of fee etc. charged puts an unbearable burden on most of the families of hand–to–mouth.
On the other hand, Government does not answer the uniform syllabi so that all could get reasonable share in lucrative jobs. Also, it is the common man’s problem that it cannot be learnt and expressed so smoothly in a foreign language than in his own mother tongue. Therefore it is high time to crusade against the harmful style and functioning of the traditional English medium schools to preserve our unique and valuable heritage.Written…

This is what is called beautiful


Aztec's were smarter than we earlier thought

Aztecs the famous civilization that could not survive the Spanish invasion and collapsed during 1519, are known for their sophistication in the fields of architecture, engineering, astronomy etc. But latest research suggests that they were probably more intelligent and sophisticated than what we believe. It was always known that the Aztecs followed a system of mathematical calculation but recent analysis of manuscripts dating back to 1540 shows that the Aztec’s possessed more sophisticated and complex method for calculating than what we believed. Using written symbols like hearts, arrows, hands , sun , bones etc. After examining hundreds of drawings from the two manuscripts dating back to 1540 – 1544 showed that the Aztec’s used their own unique system of their own to calculate or figure out say the area of a land or the number or size of an army.

Down with the Communal UPA regime

UPA regime is a serious threat to the nation. It is, at the behest of Sonia Gandhi communalizing the Indian Political scene, to reap electoral benefits at the cost of the secularity and integrity of India. The UPA government in particular and some other local state governments allied to the communal rule of the UPA in general have made it a practice to doll out to sops for Muslims in the guise of minority development. These self serving politicians are all crying for reservations, for Muslims in all possible places of employment and other illogical Muslim appeasement policies, which will soon turn India into a society with two warring section of people Muslims and Hindus. It is a proven fact that and that also acknowledged by UPA regime’s appointed committee namely ‘Justice Sachhar committee report’ that the states ruled by the UPA or other pseudo secular parties like BSP,SP or for that matter CPM etc , that are always eager to shed crocodile tears for Muslims are lagging way behin…

Grid ! The new internet that’s 10000 times faster

The Grid. Developed by Cern, a company based in Geneva, has been working on a project called Grid to capture data emerging from the mother of all machines ’The Hadron Collider’( The new controversial particle accelerator built to probe the origin of the universe). The project consisting of 55000 servers (which will go up to 200,000 in the next two years) is built with dedicated fibre optic cables and modern routing centers that do not unnecessarily slow down the flow of traffic. Resulting in speed, that is about 10000 times faster than the typical broad band connection of today. Now how fast is that? For research on new drugs for malaria the Grid was put to use to analyze 140 million compounds. That would have taken a PC with internet around 420 years. High definition video telephony for price of local calls are also a very near possibility with this type of computing power. This immense speed in communication can revolutionize the society. People in near future can with these immens…

Picture of a pair of finch

A pair of finch

Some nice bird pictures

These pictures are taken by me. I have this cage in my office.

A new dimension in treating cancer.

Fight against breast cancer might soon assume a whole new dimension. Instead of attacking the cancer with chemotherapy , It might be made to sleep and allow the immune system of the body to destroy it. A joint research conducted by Dr. Alex Swarbrick of Garvan Institute , Sydney and Nobel prize winning proffessor J. Michael Bishop suggests. That its possible to encourage or shrink a cancerous growth by switching a gene called Id1 ( responsible for breast cancer) on or off. The research on mice have shown that its possible to trigger the gene Id1 to create tumours. Mammary gland cancers which are very aggressive and tends to spread at a rapid rate has a very high levels of the gene Id1. It was shown that those mice whose concerned gene was switched off lived longer than those whose genes were not switched off. It revealed that when the gene concerned is switched off in 40 % cases the tumors just vanishes.The researchers are upbeat that in near future it might be possible to induce slee…