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Aztec's were smarter than we earlier thought

Aztecs the famous civilization that could not survive the Spanish invasion and collapsed during 1519, are known for their sophistication in the fields of architecture, engineering, astronomy etc. But latest research suggests that they were probably more intelligent and sophisticated than what we believe. It was always known that the Aztecs followed a system of mathematical calculation but recent analysis of manuscripts dating back to 1540 shows that the Aztec’s possessed more sophisticated and complex method for calculating than what we believed. Using written symbols like hearts, arrows, hands , sun , bones etc. After examining hundreds of drawings from the two manuscripts dating back to 1540 – 1544 showed that the Aztec’s used their own unique system of their own to calculate or figure out say the area of a land or the number or size of an army.

Down with the Communal UPA regime

UPA regime is a serious threat to the nation. It is, at the behest of Sonia Gandhi communalizing the Indian Political scene, to reap electoral benefits at the cost of the secularity and integrity of India. The UPA government in particular and some other local state governments allied to the communal rule of the UPA in general have made it a practice to doll out to sops for Muslims in the guise of minority development. These self serving politicians are all crying for reservations, for Muslims in all possible places of employment and other illogical Muslim appeasement policies, which will soon turn India into a society with two warring section of people Muslims and Hindus. It is a proven fact that and that also acknowledged by UPA regime’s appointed committee namely ‘Justice Sachhar committee report’ that the states ruled by the UPA or other pseudo secular parties like BSP,SP or for that matter CPM etc , that are always eager to shed crocodile tears for Muslims are lagging way behin…

Grid ! The new internet that’s 10000 times faster

The Grid. Developed by Cern, a company based in Geneva, has been working on a project called Grid to capture data emerging from the mother of all machines ’The Hadron Collider’( The new controversial particle accelerator built to probe the origin of the universe). The project consisting of 55000 servers (which will go up to 200,000 in the next two years) is built with dedicated fibre optic cables and modern routing centers that do not unnecessarily slow down the flow of traffic. Resulting in speed, that is about 10000 times faster than the typical broad band connection of today. Now how fast is that? For research on new drugs for malaria the Grid was put to use to analyze 140 million compounds. That would have taken a PC with internet around 420 years. High definition video telephony for price of local calls are also a very near possibility with this type of computing power. This immense speed in communication can revolutionize the society. People in near future can with these immens…

Picture of a pair of finch

A pair of finch