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A new dimension in treating cancer.

Fight against breast cancer might soon assume a whole new dimension. Instead of attacking the cancer with chemotherapy , It might be made to sleep and allow the immune system of the body to destroy it. A joint research conducted by Dr. Alex Swarbrick of Garvan Institute , Sydney and Nobel prize winning proffessor J. Michael Bishop suggests. That its possible to encourage or shrink a cancerous growth by switching a gene called Id1 ( responsible for breast cancer) on or off. The research on mice have shown that its possible to trigger the gene Id1 to create tumours. Mammary gland cancers which are very aggressive and tends to spread at a rapid rate has a very high levels of the gene Id1. It was shown that those mice whose concerned gene was switched off lived longer than those whose genes were not switched off. It revealed that when the gene concerned is switched off in 40 % cases the tumors just vanishes.The researchers are upbeat that in near future it might be possible to induce slee…