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Barbers are more prone to Cancer

A study conducted on behalf of World health organisation's International Agency for research on cancer found that hair dressers gets exposed to substances probably Carceogenic during their course of business. For which it was found that a male hair dresser is atleast 20%-60% more likely to be affected with cancer of the bladder compared with general population. who ever reads this is requested to inform their respective barbers about this occupational hazard so that they can be taking precautionary measures to safe guard them or at least minimise the risk.

Play of clouds and moon

I had suddenly decided to picture the moon one fine evening and took around 15 shots at the moon and only few were good enough to be identified as moon. I am putting two pictures here among those few, for my friends to see.

I am a proud father

Though it took me around 10 days to write this important event on my blog. I think its better late than never. On 15.03.2008 I was blessed with a healthy , handsome baby. I have named him Chandradittya... Is he not cute??

Help me identify this snake please

I have on my recent visit to Digha collected a small snake from the villagers who was about to kill it. I have kept it in a small glass jar but do not know what type of snake is it. If some one recognises it please let me know. Also indicate if you know anything about its care and maintainance.

Golfing Holidays In France

With stunning surroundings and wonderful gastronomy really makes France a top destination for golfers and from Biarritz to Brittany, France can offer a great variety of uncrowded golf courses, which range from the novice to the more experienced golfer. In fact some of the very top rated courses in Europe can be found in France!

In the South there is a terrific variety of golf courses plus the cuisine and temperate climate make this a great destination for all year round golfing holidays.

Also, France is ideal for a golf break at any time of year, with courses in all regions of France and with around a hundred new golf courses having been built over the past few years, and over 500 in total, you certainly have plenty of choice!

And although golf is a very popular past time in many countries, the game does not have the same popularity in France as it does in places like the United Kingdom, as they are more into sports such as cycling, and this is probably why you can still get to experienc…

Some pictures taken by me


My darling Olive oil

Hi this is my darling Olive oil please let me know if you find her cute

There’s poison in our food

An ever-increasing population is facing a major problem of availability of safe and acceptable food. Industrial pollution and food processing and packaging is one of the prime causes of poisonous effects of food and foodstuffs. About three –fourths of the human diseases in today’s industrialized world are caused by the environmental pollutants. Foods may be contaminated by substances of synthetic as well as natural origin present in that environment. Contamination of foods may also result from chemical spill or from the process of preparation and packaging of foods as well as certain chemicals added as food additives during food processing.
Thus the major hazards from poisonous substances in food comprise: bacterial contamination naturally occurring toxins and chemical carcinogens, accidental chemical contaminants, pesticide contaminants and food additives.
Tremendous increases in fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides etc. for high agriculture yields have badly destroyed food chains…

Eastern Chalukyas Emblem.

Eastern Chalukyas were a South Indian dynasty whose kingdom was located in the present day Andhra Pradesh. Their capital was Vengi and their dynasty lasted for around 500 years from the 7th century until c. 1130 C.E. when the Vengi kingdom merged with the Chola empire. The Vengi kingdom was continued to be ruled by Eastern Chalukyan kings under the protection of the Chola empire until 1189 C.E., when the kingdom succumbed to the Hoysalas and the Yadavas. They had their capital originally at Vengi near Nidadavole of the West Godavari district end later changed to Rajamahendravaram (Rajamundry).
Eastern Chalukyas were closely related to the Chalukyas of Vatapi (Badami). Throughout their history they were the cause of many wars between the more powerful Cholas and Western Chalukyas over the control of the strategic Vengi country. The five centuries of the Eastern Chalukya rule of Vengi saw not only the consolidation of this region into a unified whole, but also saw the efflorescence of T…

Digha Marine aquarium and research centre

I visited Digha recently and found that the Marine aquarium and research centre there is one of the best in India , With the one in Mumbai keeping only local fishes in comparrison with the great number of species from all over India and some from abroad , here. I really am pleased to see such beautiful aquarium in Digha. ZSI is supposed to be running this centre and is in charge of maintaining the fishes. Some fishes I saw there are as below.

Common Name :- Groupers
Scientific name:-Epinephelus spp
They can be very colorful to almost monochrome according to their species. All Epinephelus are protogynous hermaphrodites .Mostly predatory feeding on live and artificial feeds, likes to stay alone and reproduction is not known to have taken place in captivity can be kept with larger fishes.
Common Name :- Red Squirrelfish
Scientific name:-Holocentrus ruber
Crepuscular lurkers , and not yet known to be breeding in captivity . Feeds on live food but accepts artificial food .
Common Nam…