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Latest News:- Priyanka todi denies any involvement by her family. Whis was quite on the expected lines. You cant expect a witness to remain with the accused and still say the truth, Now when she has nothing to gain from this only she has to loose more.

I am also looing interest in the matter so will close the post and not continue it any further. But i promise to keep posting my views on other topics.

Adventure Tourism in Jharkhand

Tourism as a vacation activity is growing all across the world with leaps and bounces everyday. Enthusiasts from far away places flock to tourist spots with options for natural and historical sightseeing as well as for religious pilgrimage. But the new and unique kind of tourism that has been developing fast over the last few decades is adventure tourism. Information and lifestyle television channels, websites and magazines have all the while been adding new dimensions to this activity, which provides the true pleasure and ecstasy of thrill.