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The First Medal

Today was the Sports day at my Son's School (Gems Akademia International School ). Attila (Chandradittya Banik) won the third prize in 30 meter 'Crayon and Run' event. He also did well 150 meter Relay but the team got disqualified due to some silly mistakes by one of the team mate. Anyway this is just the beginning. Congrats Son. 

My Little Artist

My son has made a drawing.. He is not those artist type , he does not have time to sit and write , let alone draw. He is so impatient that he generally skips alphabets in between words to make it short for him to write and this boy has drawn this. I am getting pleasant surprises from him quite frequently. Feeling Happy.

Jawaharlal Neheru was instrumental in killing Netaji

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy of BJP, the man who has unearthed many conspiracies and scams in India has made another startling revelation in Merut on the eve of Nataji Birth anniversary.  He has dropped a bomb when he said at a function in Merut that Subhash Chandra Bose has not died of a  plane crash, ( A theory the congress wanted the Indian to believe) Instead he was killed in Russia, and Jawaharlal Nehru had a direct connection to this cold blooded murder.
At the end of the World War 2 Netaji was declared a war criminal and Netaji ( Subhash Chandra Bose ) started looking for a safe place to move to, and continue his struggle for Indian Independence. He zeroed in on Russia as the safe heaven to carry on his fight ,  and moved to Manchuria (then was in control of Russia) and then went on to Russia. Russia however arrested Subhash Chandra Bose on the orders of Stalin ( committed similar crimes like Adolf Hitler but by virtue of being on the winning side of the war his crimes were forgotten…

Where is the only Saraswati Temple in West Bengal?

Pushkar in Rajasthan is a place which is associated with Brahma Deva, Here you will find the only temple of Brahma Dev, and also temple of Ma Saraswati also known as 'Sabitri'. It is said in Matsya puran that while creating the universe Brahma dev created 10 men known as ' Manas Putra' and among them was one girl called ' Manas Kanya' She is also known as Devi Saraswati the presiding deity of knowledge and learning.
Most probably the only temple dedicated to Ma Saraswati in West Bengal is at No.1 Umesh Chandra Das Lane , Panchanantala , Howrah. Its claimed that such a permanent temple offering daily prayer dedicated to Ma Saraswati functions nowhere else in the whole state of West Bengal.
There is no one unanimous date of establishment of this uncommon temple. The date ranges from 1919 ( The year of Mr. Umesh Chandra Das died) to 3-4 years later .It is said that noted educationist late Mr Umesh Chandra Das was the main initiator of the temple. In the book '…

Ajand Hind Sarkar's Treasury was Looted by Jawarharlal Neheru

26th January, 1944, Rangoon. India is celebrating its Independence Day. In a large mass gathering at the municipal building premises, Netaji is delivering his speech.

In that mass gathering more than sixty thousand non-resident Indians were spellbound and overwhelmed by Netaji’s speech. In his speech Netaji appeals to the mass to make donations to create Azad Hind Fund which will help to fight against English and British imperialism. Netaji had proclaimed war against these two super powers in the midnight of 23rd October, 1943 just three months back.

Netaji’s call has created an enormous hue and cry among the crowd. It was such a clarion call! Everyone yearns to sacrifice whatever they had. All the civilians are ready to be penniless and mendicants for raising funds for the Azad Hind Army to fight the enemy.

U. Toy, an officer with the British Intelligence Bureau in his “The Spring Tiger” says -
‘in a public gathering on 29th May, 1944 Subhas Chandra had managed to accumulate nearly…

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Looking for some special (Kinky) Friendship?

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Settled abroad and rattled?

If you are among those from the subcontinent who lives abroad but longs the dearness of home. Then there is Good news for you. No, It cant take you to your home but can give you some comfort when you dress up in a Saree or Kurta your Mom loved to see you wear, or how about pleasuring yourself with some hot cooked meal like you used to do in your times back home.

 Its possible now to take you closer to your home through your stomach and here you will find all those unique to spices, pickles, vgetables, without which your 'Sambar or Paratha or any of those specialised Indian dishes is simple Incomplete.

You can also indulge yourself with the luxury of Authentic Indian Apparels, Home furnishing , Sarees, kurtas and others ethnic wear to give you a more closer to home Feel.

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Solang Valley as seen on 24th December 2014

Solang Valley is a side valley at the top of Kullu Valley and lies in between Solang village and 'Beas kund' this is about 13 kms Northwest from Manali on the way to Rohtang Pass (Which often remains closed during the winter months). This valley offers fantastic views of the snow capped peaks and glaciers all year round and in winter itself turns into a absolute white zone with snow. 
The Solang valley is a favorite place for summer and winter sports like Para-gliding ( They offer Short fly, medium fly and long fly rates being US$ 25 for short US$ 50 for medium and long for US$ 100) , Skiing ( The Solang valley has a beautiful skiing slope and is home to many companies that offer skiing equipments and training courses), Horse riding, Zorbing ( A large ball holding two people inside is rolled down a 200 meters slope, nowadays this is available even in winter), Snow motor biking, Rope way. 
This place is a must visit for enjoying a day out for couples or couples with children an…