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A New Horizon of Science, existence of Sixth Sense discovered by Dutch Scientists

Science is everything nowadays. Everything that we see, perceive, think, speak of is science. And this knowledge is not nascent. Science is as old as time and people studying it-Scientists. They originated from the age of Christ and pre-Renaissance era.In modern days we often heard of the term “sixth sense”. This is nothing but the power of speculation, what scientists earlier thought was not a part of human science. But a group of Dutch scientists has claimed to have discovered the existence of sixth sense. Sixth Sense is a boon of Science. It is beyond five physiological senses like hearing, smelling, sight, taste, touch. Every person has experienced sixth sense at some point of time or the other. It is of two types: - See more at:

Different ways of building eco- friendly buildings in India

Now-a-days, eco-friendly houses are popular in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Madras, Kolkata and Hyderabad are the pioneering cities, where people prefer living in such houses to the traditional ones. The popularity of such houses comes in the wake of the importance being placed on green concepts of living. Before we discuss about eco-friendly houses in India, something really needs to be told about Carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is known as the “total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, product, event or product”. It is the carbon emissions, most commonly known as Carbon dioxide (CO2), which considerably adds to the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases have a direct impact on the environment, which bring extreme weather changes, increase in global warming or global temperature, the loss of eco-systems and seriously dangerous health effects for people. So the carbon footprint is just a number that is considered in the calculation of the amount of carbon in the ma…

Namaste- the real Indian Maharaja

Do you find this Indian way of welcoming people fascinating?Hands are joined at the heart and the body remains in a steady but firm posture, while the head bows a little as you hear-” Namaste”!  You reciprocate at the face brimming with a brilliant smile only to realize that you have stepped on the land of Maharajas and this unique way of welcoming people is actually a symbolic act from the cultural heritage. - See more at:

Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani, and Reliance group

Dhirajlal Ambani also known as Dhirubhai Ambani is an industrialist and a business tycoon, from the state of Gujarat. Born on 28th December in Gujarat, he became one of India’s most famous industrialists with in a very short period of time and passed away at an early age of just 69. He is the founder of reliance industries hosted at Mumbai. It took only twenty years for Dhirubhai Ambani to turn his small business in a total capital of sixty billion dollar making him India’s second richest person after steel tycoon lakhsmi mittal. - See more at:

Is the Great Pyramid only a Pyramid?

the Great Pyramid is remarkable not only for its immense dimensions. The tomb has been searched for ages by tomb raiders and even by the Arab rulers of Egypt during the Middle Ages but no great treasure, nor any mummified body of a king has ever been found there. Modern researches have yoelded the same result. - See more at: