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The city of joy "kolkata" never sleep.I think ESPLANADE IS busiest place in KOLKATA.?

Please update places of interest

I'am sharing a map with you called Traveling West Bengal.

Please all travel lovers, please update places of interest which I have missed out. please note the entire should travel route should travel only within West Bengal.

Actual photos of the human soul?

Actual photos of the human soul? Or part of it? I am very uncertain and baffled over this phenomena.Can someone elaborate on this? Or maybe verify or deny the nature of this sciense? Its a very interesting piece of work about the field that surrounds/fills the body. Anyone out there with knowlegde about this is hereby invited to please give coments.

Plants that cure man

Plants that cure man
Since long, very long man has relied on Mother Nature for curing himself, and nature has never been unkind to him. Nature gifted him with medicine naturally for many common ailments and he was quick to understand the values of them and later with a false sense of advancement he started losing this wonderful kit for survival and has been a slave to artificial remedial methods.
Time has now come to resort to nature for our well being and not only recuperate soon from your illness naturally but also feel good, instead of with a load of side effect using artificial drugs.
There are in abundance laying all around us many wonderful gifts from nature which treats various illness man faces. The only catch is we ought to be aware of the immense benefits of those trees, herbs, shrubs and creepers around us and know of their utilities and try to protect them for our own protection.
Let me tell in brief about some common disease or illness and that is cured by which plant.

Get your drinks quicker even in a crowded bar

Many of us have been in this situation before. Waiting, waiting, and waiting for your favorite drink in a crowded bar and your effort to grab a drink somehow gets subverted with new faces crowding the counter every minute. The bar tenders also seems to be in the conspiracy of testing your patience. The exercise repeats itself with every drink you manage to get after a long hassle. Most of us have taken it for granted, but you can change it. The trick lies in good manners, assertiveness and patience used in right proportion and duration. These attributes will carry you elsewhere as well, not only in crowded bars.Human tends to be biased towards people they are familiar with. So be a clever customer, and if you would visit this place regularly then go there few times during off business hours. This is the time the waiters and managers will be a little more relaxed and you could get yourself familiarized with the staff. This familiarization would go a long way in getting you, your drinks…

Herbal cure in emergency and illness Part 1

This is a small effort to spread awareness about the benefits of using herbal remedies in small emergencies and illness. 1.Usage of Peepal tree Scientific name. Ficus religiosa L. Sanskrit name-pippala, aśvattha,. Hindi name-pīppal, pīplī, pīpār. Bengali name-aśvatha, aśatha, aśattha, pippal, pipul. Tamil name-aracu, acuvattam. Malayalam name-arayāl. English name-Peepal tree, Pipal, Sacred banyan tree, Sacred fig, Bo-tree, Ashwattha tree.When I have a burn wound. I would Burn some bark of Peepal Tree and mix the ash with coconut oil and apply on the wound. This should heal the burn.Extract of Peepal bark about 60gms mixed with honey will clear my blood from unwanted toxins.Around 100 gms of Bark of Peepal tree will be boiled in 500gms of water till only 150gms of water is left and then this water will be filtered and drank with some honey to help while suffering from jaundice.Have a carbuncle in any part of your body ? Just tie leaf of a Peepal tree and it will heal.Usage of Butterfly …

Chinese guns rejected by Pakistan being sold off as Diwali toys in India

New Delhi. Intelligence agencies have concluded that Chinese toy guns and bombs, which are being sold as Diwali firecrackers, are actually defective ammunitions that were rejected by the Pakistani army while buying war equipment from China with US aid money. Delhi police had earlier banned such toy guns, but now an inquiry has been ordered to find out how India ended up buying these substandard firearms disguised as firecrackers.“It’s not a secret that Pakistan buys low cost arms and ammunitions from China with the help of US aid money that it gets to fight terrorism,” an IB source told Faking News, “We had earlier seized similar second-rate guns and explosives from captured Pakistani terrorists – one of the major reasons why 99 percent of terror strikes are stopped – but we now realize that these Diwali toys are made up of similar materials, though of even lower quality.”After preliminary examination, intelligence agencies could verify that these Chinese Diwali toys were nothing but …

A Glimpse

Alzheimer’s Dementia Cant be Treated But Can be Delayed.. | Healthmad

Candles! Should we lit candles?

India in the last couple of years have seen several candle light protests. Protesters were seen holding candle while marching to protest during many recent protest marches. I do not know the ramification or the success rate of such protests and if those protests have yielded any positive results. I am though very sure that those protest marches were never environment friendly, as modern day candles are very rude to the environment. Given the fact that modern candles are prepared from not properly refined paraffin (a petroleum product) which makes it a major cause of environmental pollution. The smoke from the wick of the candles along with unburned hydro carbons can cause terrible disturbances with our health. The risk becomes manifold as candles are generally lit indoors and this particular fact multiplies the health hazards from burning candles.....

Alzheimer’s Dementia

Alzheimer’s Dementia Dementia is a process which erodes the cognitive functions of brain gradually. In simple words it hampers the proper functioning of mental operations in a person. There are not one but several reasons for dementia; Alzheimer’s Dementia is just one among them.
All the exact causes for Alzheimer’s Dementia are still unclear but genetic compositions can be considered as one among the major causes. In most cases the cause leading to Alzheimer’s Dementia remains unknown, though dementia can be attributed to several other factors including multiple brain stroke, Hyperthyroidism etc, these dementias are not exactly Alzheimer’s Dementia so can’t be considered as a cause of Alzheimer’s Dementia This disease is generally associated to older age, the risk of getting affected therefore increases manifolds with our natural aging. It also affects people with less or no mental activities and can also be for hereditary reasons. Some symptoms, Complications and treatments are discus…

Salt lake Stadium

Yuva Bharati Krirangan also known as Saltlake stadium is one of the biggest in kolkata. Yuvabharti hosts football matches and other sporting events apart from cultural programs. This stadium has a capacity of 100000 spectators. The picture was taken while I went there to watch a derby match between traditional rival clubs the Kingfisher Eastbengal and Macdoweels Mohanbagan.

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