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Write posts in your blogs to earn

To earn a decent income from writing blogs is no more a distant dream nowadays. There are companies who are willing to pay you to write about their sites in your blog, thereby giving them advertising mileage among your readers. Some do insist on a positive note but there are sites also, which appreciates honest comments. It would be tough to start looking for sites that are willing to pay you to write about them, the easier option is through a common platform, where site owners willing to have posts written about them posts their requirements and bloggers come and take the suitable offer of writing the posts. There are several sites which has this service of acting as a common platform between bloggers and advertisers. Each has its own set of rules which the bloggers and advertisers have to abide. The compensation for writing posts vary depending your blog’s popularity the more popular it is you are likely to be compensated more for writing. If you are having a blog which is at least …

Development triggers pollution

Nature and mankind form an inseparable part of the life support system which constitutes of five vital elements namely air, water, land, flora and fauna which are all interconnected , inter-related and interdependent and have coevolved and are co-adapted. Since the present-day society largely depends on chemicals, the rapid pace of all round industrialization and modernization of life, there will certainly be more and more instances of a variety of chemical and biological contaminations leading to explosive state of environmental degradation and consequent health hazards.
The major environmental problems include long term occurring acid rain, extensive contamination of surface and ground waters, severe air pollution both from automobile and industrial exhausts, uncontrolled hazardous waste sites, long range transport of pesticides and other deadly poisonous chemicals, estuarine and coastal water pollution, global warming because of increasing density of greenhouse gases, accidental rad…

Importance of Id-ul-Zuha

As is the law of nature that nothing can be gained without significant sacrifice. Similarly for all sorts of goals to gain, one has to initially put some input as sacrifice in the hope of likelihood reward. The basic philosophy of Islam rests on this very significant concept of sacrifice, what in our own term we call “Qurbani”. The purpose of all the time prophets was to propagate the way of practicable goodness amongst the people where every prophet was destined to put maximum sacrifice and utmost restrain. The responsibility of all the Muslim has been put by Allah to practice and propagate the lessons of all good senses very pridely all in the objectives of supreme command.
The yearly celebration of this great festival of Id-Ul-Zuha reminds us of spirit of such pious mission in which prophet Ibrahim was directed to sacrifice his best and most sulted valuable whereupon he finally chose his own son to fulfill the directive. On accepting this great sacrifice however the son was replaced…

Excelled in its performance

Six months period is not sufficient enough to assess the performance of a new Government. It can be fairly viewed that the both the centre and state governments on most of the important issues like safeguarding territorial integrity , ensuing confidence in minorities. Harijans and weaker sections maintaining law and order have excelled in their performance.
The most significant achievement of the state Government had been in curbing communalism mainly on the most controversial issue the Babri Masjid–Ram Janmbhoomi. The state Government deserves all praise in this regard for taking historical action in ordering arrest of Shankaracharya Launching speedy welfare measures, special relief to weavers. Poor artisans and above all allocating half of the state budget for the rural and agriculture sector has proved its commitments to the ideologies of great socialists like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Loknayak Jaiprakash Narain and Chaudhary charan Singh.
Although …

Oil Slick – the redeeming feature

The much maligned oil slick in the Gulf can be a blessing in disguise too. The marine microorganisms feed on hydrocarbons and other components of the oil and register a high growth rate and therefore are a greater source of nourishment for the fish and other aquatic life forms. This may lead to a much greater seafood production than in usual circumstances.
It has been observed that the micro-organisms found universally in water columns and water sediments of the ocean are in abundance in the areas of high hydrocarbon concentration, some of these micro-organisms constitute an important link in the food chain and the productivity cycle.
Since micro flora are actively oxidizing hydrocarbons in the ocean, oil may be considered as another source of carbon for use in the life cycle of micro flora. Nutrients cycled by bacteria may also improve growth of photo planktons. The best evidence in this regard is that a creel census in the Corpus Christi Bay, off Louisina coast in the USA showed that …


Environment in its widest sense is called: Biosphere which consists of earth’s crust, the surrounding Atmosphere and various forms of life that exist in the zone 600 meters above and 10,000 meters below the sea level. The Biosphere is too large and so complex that it is divided into smaller units of Ecosystem.
Ecosystem is defined as the plants, animals and the microorganisms that live in a defined zone and the physical factors present i.e. soil water and air. Within an ecosystem, there exist a dynamic interrelationship between the living forms and their physical environment. The balanced operation of natural cycles and the ecosystem contribute to the stability of whole biosphere, which is fundamental to the continued co-existence and development of life on earth. The general impact of Pollution within an Ecosystem is the disturbance/alteration in the prevailing congenial balance of natural cycles which operate in atmosphere on the land and in water.
Various natural cycles that operate …