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How important is SEO for success of a website?

Yes how important is SEO for success of a website? Well this is a very frequently asked question for sure. Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known as, is a way to get more traffic to a website or a blog. This is a technical process which enables various web crawlers and of course search engines to read pages in an effortless way. The more you get your website or blog SEO friendly the better it is for your business to get recognition.
In other words this is a tool of internet marketing that helps in promotion of your products and services in the maximum way. This gives an exposure to your line of business that is required to get recognition. This is a way of branding by using smart tools and a few intelligent moves that are discussed in the other part of this discussion. It will give you a proper understanding of how SEO works which will definitely provide an answer to how important it is for your internet marketing strategy.To read the complete article please visit

Dowry Deaths A Social Tragedy

Marriages are made in heaven indeed, but dowry death, murder-suicide and bride burning are symptoms of peculiar social maladies, which have spawned like a "Black Plague". The word 'dowry' has been defined in The Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 which states that dowry means any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given either directly or indirectly by one party to the other party in a marriage to. If it is shown that soon before the death of a woman such woman has been subjected to cruelty or harassment for, or in connection with, any demand for dowry, the court shall presume that such a person has caused dowry death under section 304B, Indian Penal Code. Now cruelty as mentioned here above mean any willful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, or harassment to coerce her or any other person related to her to meet demand. Cruelty includes both physical and mental tortu…