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Translation of Durga Chalisa in English

I bow to You O Goddess Durga, the bestower of happiness!
I bow to You O Goddess Amba, who Ends all miseries.

The radiance of your light is limitless and all pervading and all the three
realms (Earth, Heaven And the Nether World) are enlightened by Thee.

Your face is like the moon and mouth very huge. Your eyes shine with a
red glow and You have a Frightening frown.

O Mother! Your look is enchanting, the very sight of which ensures welfare
of the devout.

All the powers of the World repose in Thee and it is You who provide food and
wealth for the World's survival.

Like the feeding Mother Annapoorna, You nurture the whole universe and You are
the one Who appear like the timeless Bala Sundari (young girl of extreme beauty).

At the time of dissolution, it is You, O Mother, who destroys everything. You are the
beloved Consort of Lord Shiva, Gauri (Parvati).

Lord Shiva and all yogis always chant your praise Brahma,
Vishnu and all other Gods ever meditate on You.

You appear in the form of Goddess Saraswa…

Monkey menace in delhi costs the life of Delhi's deputy Mayor

The two solutions suggested by the Government are: Sterilization and relocation. First has failed as mission impossible and the other not worked as monkeys have traveled back. Your views on this.

Ans: Sterilization is always a better option than relocation. This is due to the fact that relocating 10000 monkeys altogether is really quite problematic. There is always a good chance that relocating these huge number of monkeys may turn out to be a threat to another place. Although the city has already employed expert monkey catchers in order to round them up to be relocated to the forest nearby but the approach turned out to be a big flop.

The city has also employed monkey catchers to round them up so they can be moved to forests

Sterilization, on the other hand, is really a good idea and would bring down this intense problem. It’s probably because the Government has not spare a serious thought over the issue or probably because Government’s plans were not sound enough that the option of ste…