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Herbal cure in emergency and illness Part 1

This is a small effort to spread awareness about the benefits of using herbal remedies in small emergencies and illness. 1.Usage of Peepal tree Scientific name. Ficus religiosa L. Sanskrit name-pippala, aśvattha,. Hindi name-pīppal, pīplī, pīpār. Bengali name-aśvatha, aśatha, aśattha, pippal, pipul. Tamil name-aracu, acuvattam. Malayalam name-arayāl. English name-Peepal tree, Pipal, Sacred banyan tree, Sacred fig, Bo-tree, Ashwattha tree.When I have a burn wound. I would Burn some bark of Peepal Tree and mix the ash with coconut oil and apply on the wound. This should heal the burn.Extract of Peepal bark about 60gms mixed with honey will clear my blood from unwanted toxins.Around 100 gms of Bark of Peepal tree will be boiled in 500gms of water till only 150gms of water is left and then this water will be filtered and drank with some honey to help while suffering from jaundice.Have a carbuncle in any part of your body ? Just tie leaf of a Peepal tree and it will heal.Usage of Butterfly …